The Teachings

A Partial Teaching on Time


Time is finite.

Time is infinite.

Time is rigid.

Time is flexible.

Time is a resource.

Time is a facility.

Time is fluid.

Time is now.

Time is forever.

Time is never.

Time is sinister.

Time is benign.

Time races.

Time is sluggish.

Time is expandable.

Time is contractible.

Time is physical (clocks).

Time moves faster.

Time moves slower.

Times moves glacially.

Time is unmeasurable.

Time is countable.

Time is uncountable.

Time is universal.

Time is continuous.

Time is discrete.

Time is limited.

Time cannot be reused.

Time can be created.

Time can be lost.

Time is inexhaustible.

Time is regular (Cycles, seasons).

Time is irregular. Seasons vary year to year.

Time runs to fixed intervals viz a second.

Time has no fixed periodicity viz a ‘moment’.

Time is ethereal (non-physical). When you are glad, joyful, happy, then time ‘flies’.

Time is non-ethereal. When you are sad, depressed, gloomy, then time hangs; it is heavy; it never moves; it drags.

Time is measurable (seconds, minutes, et cetera). Time is measured in centuries, years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, nanoseconds, et al.



The First Resource

The first resource given to me is Time.

I must make 10 parts of it every single day (24 hours).

One Part or Share of Time is 2 hours and 24 minutes.


A Moment of Time

A moment is a point in time and a point of time.

A moment is a point in time with a subjective value. Its length is flexible.

We can split a second into some finite measurable components.

However, when we come to the end of finitely measurable portion of a second, then we arrive at a point – which is called a moment of time.

In this expression, one is unable to define length, breadth and spatial characteristics of that moment of time.

This characteristic of moment is what makes an unhappy moment stretch on and on.

Hence, giving us the characteristic of time being expandable.

Reverse of this phenomena is also true.


Using My Time

Qn.   How do I use my time?


What should I do with my time?


  1. I have to use my time efficiently. (Ratio of output to input should be greater than 1)
  2. I have to use my time chanting the Name of GOD – OMNMNKAAAR.
  3. I have to create time and thus work for myself.
  4. I have to divide/partition my day in 10 parts, each part being equal to 2 hours and 24 minutes according to The LAW of The TENTH Part.
  5. Each Right Holder is entitled to 2 hours and 24 minutes of my time every day.
  6. I am using 48 minutes from all Right Holders for my sleep.
  7. I plan to utilize my time of daily 24 hours as:
    1. Sleep – 8 hours.
    2. Other activities – 4 hours.
    3. Main Activity – 12 hours.

I am permitted only these three activities if I wish to move towards Salvation.



  1. It is clear that other Nine Right Holders have been investing in me 2 hours and 24 minutes each, from moment of my birth till today and will invest up to the moment when I become a constructively productive and contributing member of society.
  2. It is right, correct and just that I should pay back to each of the Right Holders as laid down in The LAW of The TENTH Part.


The Future

Qn.   What is future and when will it happen?


Is there a period that will define future?

Ans. The examination of the term ‘tomorrow’ shows that there is no tomorrow nor has anyone ever seen or met the so-called tomorrow.


From the above one may infer that there is no ‘future’. Further, it may be concluded that ‘today’ is what I have and therefore it is essential that I live my ‘today’ completely.

An examination of The Universal Truths and with the application of The FOUR Rules of Life when used in conjunction with term ‘happiness’ reveals that it is my responsibility to make the doing of my duty Fun for myself; which is exactly what happiness defines.

Qn.   What is the surety that I will be alive tomorrow?


Has anyone seen or met ‘Tomorrow’?

Ans. No. There is no surety that I will be alive tomorrow. Tomorrow is a conceptual word whereas in actual life, there is no tomorrow for an individual who is alive today. Nobody has met or seen Tomorrow.

Comment : The term ‘future’ involves knowledge of the remainder breaths available for body+mind, which is not possible because that knowledge is restricted to GOD and The Chief Judge.


Happiness and Misery as a Concept in Time

Qn.   Do you remember the happiest day of your life?

Ans. Yes.

Qn.   When you look back on your happy day, do you feel that it had passed in a flash or had stretched out?

Ans. The happiest day passed in a flash.

Qn.   Do you remember a sad or unhappy time of your life?

Ans. Yes.

Qn.   Did the sad or unhappy days appear short and passing quickly or did they appear as if the day would never end?

Ans. The sad and unhappy days appeared as if they would never end.

Qn.   In your memory which is the more prominent – happy days that passed in a flash or sad days that were stretched and left me miserable for a long time?

Ans. Happy days.



I remember the day when I was extremely happy.

That was the day when I heard that my wife had delivered a baby girl.

My friends and I celebrated my daughter’s birth with six bottles of premium Scotch whiskey between ten of us.

Next morning, I flew to meet my little girl.

Every moment of those twenty-four hours flew on the wings of time.

It was just one continuous spell of joy, pleasure, anticipation, and happiness.

I did not know nor realize when twenty-four hours had passed.



I remember the worst day of my life.

Twenty-five years and forty-five days after the birth of my daughter, I heard over the telephone that the plane she was piloting had crashed and there were no survivors.

The next ninety-six hours until the funeral I felt the weight of each moment of time.

The minutes dragged and dragged forever.

Time expanded into within and beyond my consciousness.



Today, I am in a situation where I need to attend to multiple calls nearly simultaneously.

To date, I have been successful in attending to everyone appropriately by creating time for each one of my correspondents.

From the above examples, we are able to learn that time expands, that time contracts, and that I can create time according to my needs.


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