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A Partial Teaching on Salvation


Every Soul is a small element out of GOD. It is a tiny bit of HIS own Self that HE has detached and given independent existence. It is called Soul or Atma or Rooh or spirit, depending on the culture.

Each soul has only one desire, one need, one want: to go back and merge with GOD and has repeatedly expressed that need or want to merge back with HIM.

GOD has accepted the expressed wishes of all the extant souls and laid down conditions for that event to happen.

  1. The Soul must work towards the merger actively.
  2. The Soul must go through the different processes and life forms that GOD has created to populate the physical universe.
  3. The Soul must earn each step of the way.

When an individual Soul completes the conditions in an acceptable manner, the merger of that Soul with GOD takes place. This act of fulfillment/merger is termed Salvation or Moksha or Mukti.


5 steps to Salvation

At the time of the creation of this incident of the physical universe (Trillions of years ago), HE created, out of HIS own self, small independent units and called them Atma/Souls/Rooh and gave them proper identification. Having created these units, which are capable of independent existence, HE told them to go and live away from HIM.

At this, there was an uproar and a clamour, with all of them asserting that they want to merge back into HIM!

GOD again told them to go live independent of HIMSELF. None of the Atmas were prepared to be independent and demanded that they be merged back into HIM.

GOD thought about this for a moment and then said-“Very well! I will take you back individually and allow you to merge with me. However, the one who wishes to merge with me, will have to carry out a TASK for me.”

All the Atmas agreed instantly and chorused, “I will do it! I will do it!”

GOD: “The TASK will be split up into Five small Life Tasks which will then have to be performed individually thus completing The TASK. To do the TASK, I’ll give you a physical body. The body is given to the Atma. So, while you are in the body, you have to carry out the Life Task which is one fifth part of the big TASK.

The Big TASK gets completed in five phases, thus getting Freedom/Mukti/Salvation in 5 steps.

But what happens when body is given to the Atma? We get surrounded by factors like society, parents, material benefits that we get lost, forget the TASK.

When end comes, Atma reaches Dharam Raj – The accounts are settled and Atma is sent into Joonis. We have to understand this body is given to the Atma and not the other way around. We have to use the intelligence for the benefit of the Atma.


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