The Teachings


The LAW of The TENTH Part

“Give yourself the TENTH Part of all that you Earn, Acquire and Receive”

A Partial Teaching on The TEN Right Holders


The Right Holders of the TEN Parts are:

  1. GOD
  2. The Teacher
  3. Mother
  4. Father
  5. Society
  6. Service Providers
  7. Child
  8. Child
  9. Life Partner
  10.   Self


Comment 1: The priority of obedience has been laid down by GOD and is inviolate.

Comment 2: As defined all that a person earns, acquires, or receives has to be divided into TEN equal parts.

Comment 3: Whatever is earned, acquired, or received is to be divided into TEN equal parts also known as Shares.

Comment 4: When you obey the LAW, you must start from number 1 and present your First Share to GOD.

Comment 5: Thereafter, you may present the individual shares to the other Right Holders.


Qn.   How do I give the First Share to GOD?

Ans.  GOD has created and placed in the universe a special class of people each of whom we can generically label as a Needy Person.

The First Share is to be conveyed to the needy ones.

This provides us with the means to convey HIS share to HIM.


Qn.   Who is a Needy Person?

Ans.  A person who needs that one element at that particular time is a needy person.

It could be that he or she needs my time, attention, affection, guidance, training, or maybe something material, for example money, shelter, food et cetera.

Thus, a needy person is not a beggar.

A needy person does not beg.

I am responsible for finding and identifying a needy person.


Qn.   How do I identify a needy person?

Ans.  I need facts.

To collect facts I need knowledge, effort and time.


Qn.   Can I determine the needy persons for myself?

Ans. Yes, theoretically, I can determine who is a needy person by spending sufficient effort with respect to Time, Money, and Resources to discover all aspects of the needy person.

However, in practice it’s not possible for you to determine accurately all the information for all the elements of earn, acquire and receive needed to establish who is a needy person.

In practice, it may not be possible for you to quantify the amount of effort you will need to put in to collect that quantum of data which will identify the needy person for yourself.

You may be able to identify an occasional individual who may be needing one or the other element.

However, as a sustained continuous mechanism for identification and delivery of all elements of The First Share, an ordinary person will find it difficult and beyond his or her capability.


Qn.   In case I personally do not have the knowledge, time or if I cannot make the required effort, how do I convey the First Share of GOD to His needy ones?


How do I convey the First Share if I cannot identify a needy person?

Ans.  Article 9: “The Teacher is responsible for everything in the physical universe”

The First Share when presented to The Teacher in Incarnation will automatically stand credited to HIS needy ones instantly.

You may not seek to know how The Teacher conveys to HIS needy ones.

Therefore, The Teacher is the only conduit to convey The First Share to GOD in all the elements of earn, acquire and receive.


Qn.   Is a beggar a needy one?

Ans.  No. A beggar is a character actor and depends on using the principle: “A fool and his money are soon parted’.

The beggar acts with the knowledge that you will be foolish and will give your earnings so that he can enjoy his life.

A beggar is prepared to exploit others who may be weaker than him or her.

Example: children, physically deformed men, women, and other beggars may then create gangs of beggars to exploit people so as to make easy money for himself or herself.


Qn.   Why credit should not be given to the person doing his or her duty towards GOD and The Teacher?

Ans.     The performance of a Duty does not entitle a person to any extra credit.

When you perform your Duty, the particular LAW will automatically give that credit to the account of your Soul through the accountant in your ledger.


Qn.   Am I responsible (as a part of my duty) to protect or interfere in the life of any of the other Nine Right Holders?

Ans.  There are two scenarios:

  1. I am responsible for all the other Nine Right Holders in the general case.
  2. I try to protect anyone on a selective basis.

In the second scenario, I will be guilty of interference because:

  1. The Right given to an individual is personal/private and does not allow any other individual to create a set of conditions under which he or she has to face the consequences for any set of actions initiated by an outsider.
  2. The FOUR Rules of Life are clear with respect to the responsibility of an individual, which is to be responsible for his or her own life (wherein the Atma has been given a specific body+mind for a specified duration in order to carry out The Life Task).
  3. The LAW of The TENTH Part imposes a set of duties connected with whatever a person earns, acquires and receives which are all-external and has no relevance to internal needs, wants, desires or such other longings and thoughts.
  4. Therefore, any so-called attempt to protect anyone of the Right Holders selectively would be tantamount to interference and would invoke the consequences under The LAW of Consequences adversely because I would be violating my duty to not interfere.


Qn.   How can I live on only one share of my earnings?

Ans.  The FOUR Rules of Life

  1. I am Responsible.
  2. I am Positive.
  3. I am Self-Enabled.
  4. I am Dynamic.

It is my responsibility to decide how much I need for my daily living.

Now, it is my responsibility to create ten times that value so that I can fulfill my obligations under The LAW.


Qn.   What can I give when I am faced with The LAW of Giving?

Ans.  I can only give that which I own.

Comment:  The LAW of Giving is only one word: “Give”


Qn.   What do I own?

Ans.  I own those things that GOD has given me: Time, The Gift and Blessings.
I also own my Name, which my parents gave me.
I can give my Time.
How much?
The Tenth Part of each day.
I can earn Blessings through exchanging with others.
How many Blessings can I earn?
An infinite number.
I can give my Name (not recommended).
I can share The Gift but everyone has already been given it so it is not needed.

Comment: When I give a minute of my Time, GOD gives me more Time.


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