GOD says: “When you need me you remember me by my name



Throughout the history of the universe, the question which has been posed repeatedly is:
What is the purpose of my existence?
The answer is simple and is given in detail in the Act of Creation.
Every human being has an Atma resident within the body.
Each Atma has a Task which he or she has to carry out during his or her passage through life using the given body.



GOD has laid down certain LAWS for all human beings.
These LAWS have been laid down for human beings to live in society and carry out the Task of the Atma.
Some of The DIVINE LAWS are given here.
The rest will be introduced as we progress on our path of learning.

The Teachings

Whatever has been said by GOD in HIS own words is given here in the form of The DIVINE Teachings.
The Teachings are the explanations, interpretations and applications of the different elements of The DIVINE Teachings to meet the requirements of questions and situations faced by human beings in their day to day life and activities.
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To draw full benefit from The Teachings, you must understand the correct interpretation, explanation and application of each term.
These are given in The Definitions.
Each Teaching may cover one or more aspects of the given situation or question. There is a Teaching available on every question that can be formulated, before you pose a question do read the Teaching on Questions and Answers here.


Indexes all The Teachings

The Definitions

The Definitions must be read, understood and used by everyone who wishes to read and or interact usefully with The Teachings.

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Sermon / Pravachan

The oral Teaching that may be delivered by The Incarnation of The Teacher during or post a session in Satsang.
No one other than The Incarnation of The Teacher may deliver a so-called Pravachan.

Listen to the Sermons / Pravachans listed below in both English and Hindi

Atma at the Court of The Chief Judge in the Voice of Guruji (English)

by The Teacher in Incarnation | The Teachings

Atma at The Court of The Chief Judge in the Voice of Guruji (Hindi)

by The Teacher in Incarnation | The Teachings