The Teachings

A Partial Teaching on The Name of GOD


GOD says my Name is OMNMNKAAAR.


PARAMATMA includes both male and female elements.

GOD is Benevolent

HE has given you everything at the moment HE gives the Atma the body+mind that you are conscious of at this moment.

You, body+mind, have to carry out one Life Task for your Soul/Atma during your passage through life in this Janam.

PARAMATMA sends HIS first born to represent HIM in the physical universe, again and again, to show society The Way of Life.

PARAMATMA has tasked The Teacher to answer all questions in The Teachings.

GOD is benevolent, and loves all HIS creation.

PARAMATMA does not punish anyone.

Comment 1:  For every act of obedience to The Teachings GOD has given a number of benefits.

Comment 2:  When you deny, disregard or ignore The Teachings you are denying yourself the benefits that GOD has laid out for you.

Comment 3:  You punish yourself by NOT taking the benefits that GOD has earmarked for you.

PARAMATMA is transparent and easy to obey.

All HE asks us to do is to remember HIM by HIS Name OMNMNKAAAR.

There is no restriction on time.

No restriction or prescription on dress.

No restriction or prescription about food (to fast or not to fast).

GOD is the CREATOR, and we must treat HIM with the respect due to HIS position.

HE is not one of us, HE is far above us.

We are HIS children – yes, but we may not take liberties when addressing HIM, or when referring to or about HIM.

HIS Response To Requests

When you request GOD for something, HIS response in all cases is ‘You do it first.’

That Means:-

Comment 1:  This indicates that you need to remember HIM by HIS Name OMNMNKAAAR.

Comment 2:  Start doing whatever you have requested from PARAMATMA.

The effect of reciting OMNMNKAAAR is similar to doing physical labour.

When you remember PARAMATMA through HIS Name OMNMNKAAAR you are putting in ‘effort’ or ‘Mehnat’, which is what HE wants you to do.

The Conditions

OMNMNKAAAR is the name specified by GOD.

There are two conditions attached to HIS name:

  1. Who so ever comes to know HIS Name shall pass it on to everybody he or she meets.
  2. If the other person asks me, ‘How do I remember and or recite HIS Name?’ then I am to help that person recite HIS Name by example and show him or her.

GOD says: “When you help my children remember me by my name, then for every time another speaks out my name along with you shall get that many extra credits.”


  1. No person is to be compelled to recite OMNMNKAAAR.
  2. Any person who learns the name OMNMNKAAAR must pass it on to everyone he or she meets.
  3. The listener is not to be compelled to recite or remember HIS name.
  4. It is sufficient for you to inform the person you meet.
  5. To remember GOD through OMNMNKAAAR is a decision for the individual.
  6. When the other person asks to be shown how to repeat or recite OMNMNKAAAR, it becomes a duty to demonstrate.
  7. The act of demonstration enables the other to learn by reciting OMNMNKAAAR along with me.
  8. When I help another in reciting OMNMNKAAAR, I get extra credits to the tune of all the repetitions of OMNMNKAAAR and so does the other.

OMNMNKAAAR is The Name and it is in the public domain

Everybody has the Right to learn and a Duty to remember GOD by HIS Name OMNMNKAAAR.

GOD is One, and the sounds of HIS Name are the same, and available, in every religion, culture, and region of the universe.

OMNMNKAAAR is the Name of GOD.

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