The Teachings

A Partial Teaching on Janam and Jooni




GOD created each individual Atma out of HIMSELF.
HE created uncountable numbers of Souls.
GOD named each one, starting with HIS First born, and said: “These are my children.”
GOD told HIS children to go and play in the physical universe that HE had created for them.
All the Souls refused to go and play; all they wanted was to merge back into HIM.
GOD made them the same offer three times. Each time, they said, “We want to merge back into you.”

HE then laid down the Condition by which any Atma could achieve reunification with HIM.
The act of merger is known as Mukti, Moksha or Salvation.

The Condition

GOD says: “Whosoever wishes to merge back into me shall individually carry out one TASK for me.”


The performance of a unique TASK by each individual Atma is the primary and only vehicle for those Souls who want to merge back into HIM.
The TASK is to be completed through five individual unique small Life Tasks.
The TASK can only be completed over several Janams.
Each small Life Task is designed in such a manner that it is capable of being completed in one Janam.

Certain conditions have been imposed on the Soul in Janam in order to carry out the Life Task.
The Life Task is to be carried out using the given body+mind in the physical universe.
The Atma should inform the body+mind about the Life Task.
The Soul should decide on the place, timing, and method of carrying out the Life Task.
In case the Soul is unable to inform the body+mind of the Life Task, the responsibility to complete the Life Task devolves upon the body+mind at puberty.



The Soul currently striving to carry out the given Life Task is recognized as a Being in Janam.
Each such Atma is given a body+mind with free intelligence and unconstrained physical capabilities for the journey through the physical universe.
This journey through the physical universe is called Janam or passage through life.
If the Soul or the given body+mind does not carry out the Life Task in a particular Janam, the opportunity is lost as wasted.
Under the influence of society and family, the body+mind commits large numbers of sins, that prevent the Soul from using the given body+mind to carry out the Life Task.
As a result, the body+mind combination is free to do what it likes; more often than not, it will do those acts which violate The Teachings.

As soon as the body+mind combination does something in violation of The Teachings, the Accountant starts a negatively running counter, which runs -1, -2, -3, -4, . .
Similarly, when the body+mind performs any act which upholds The Teachings, the Accountant gives the necessary credit.


General Observations

GOD has given the body+mind to the Atma to work for its Salvation.
A Janam is also said to be a part of the cycle of birth and rebirth.
Every Soul needs to merge with PARAMATMA, hence the need of the Atma to break the cycle of birth and rebirth through Mukti.
The Atma accepted a Life Task from GOD during the passage with the aim of moving forward faster on the Path of Moksha.
As far as GOD is concerned, the Atma is responsible for all actions carried out by the body+mind.

Due to shortsightedness, corruption, greed and selfishness, society through the agency of parents, relatives, friends, teachers, et cetera manages to interpose a heavy crust of opacity created by the layers of sin, thus breaking the communication channel between the Atma on one side and the body+mind on the other.
At the end of the passage through Janam, The Messenger picks up the Atma and places the Soul in front of the Chief Judge who will take the Accounting of the Deeds and Doings during that Janam.
Once the accounts are settled, Atma lands up with a negative balance running into a huge number impossible to comprehend.
A conversion scale is prescribed for converting the negative number into the number of Joonis, that would be necessary to remove the acquired layers of opacity.



A Soul resident in an organism with limited physical capabilities and constrained intelligence is said to be in a Jooni.
A passage through a Jooni is also known as one transit.
The period spent in Joonis is also described as hell or purgatory in popular literature.
The Atma is required to go through the cleaning up process.
That involves transiting through the required number of Joonis to remove the layers acquired during the Janam just passed.
Each transit from one Jooni to the next cleanses or clears up one layer of opacity around the Soul in that transit.
Finally one day, the Atma is clean and pure.
That moment, that particular Soul is presented before GOD gets another opportunity to pass through life in a body+mind with sufficient Time to work for Salvation.


General Remarks

Every opportunity has to be earned by each Atma to receive a body for Janam thus allowing it to progress on the Path of Mukti.
After the Janam comes to the accounting; it invariably results in a negative balance.
The cycle keeps repeating itself endlessly.
This is the reason why the Atma is keen to get out of the cycle of birth and rebirth.
The time spent in Joonis is directly related to a number of things.


Pluses Are Earned

Pluses are earned by an Atma through:


Minuses Acquired

Minuses acquired through:

  • Number of violations of The Teachings during Janam.
  • Number of people I have harmed by word and action.
  • Number of times I have disobeyed or denied my Grants.


Janam and Jooni

The account of the Soul when balanced between the pluses and minuses determines the time which must be spent in Joonis.
There is no particular order through which the Joonis are served.

Post the Judgement, the Chief Judge orders the Messenger to pick up the soul and drop her in the circle of Joonis.
Every Soul has to go through the number of Joonis prescribed.
Once he or she arrives at the last three, then she gets to be an Accountant, a Life Recorder, and a Time and Reality Adjuster with three different Atmas in Janam.
The last three Joonis will refresh the lesson: ‘do not make these mistakes.’
Life is a series of full circles forming part of a sphere. Actually, a sphere is a set of adjacent circles so once the Atma is placed in the circle of life (Joonis), then he or she has to go all over the sphere until he or she comes to the end of his or her allotted Joonis.
Getting through the Joonis is slow, full of regret and promises to oneself to do the TASK if ever he or she gets another opportunity.

Janam is the passage of an Atma in a body with free intelligence and unconstrained abilities.
Janam is an opportunity for an Atma who has completed the number of Joonis awarded by The Chief Judge and is brought before GOD for the next opportunity.

Each opportunity in Janam is earned by transiting through the Joonis prescribed by The Chief Judge in The Accounting.
Janam is a reward for completing the passage through the Joonis.
At the start of a Janam, an Atma is clean and pure. There is no carryover of any previous sins; each Janam the Atma starts with a clean slate.
Janam is an opportunity to carry out the Life Task of the Atma and move forward on the Path of Salvation.
An Atma in Janam is required to use the body given for that Janam to work towards carrying out the Life Task given to the Atma.
A Janam gives the Atma the freedom to exercise The Right and thus reduce the harmful consequences of unplanned actions.
The start of every Janam is an opportunity to obey and live within The Teachings so as to enjoy the benefits brought about by such obedience.
Janam is an opportunity to enjoy The GIFT and use the resources and facilities created and given by GOD for comfortable passage through the physical universe.
The passage through life is an opportunity for the Atma to prepare The THREE Requests to enable the Atma to move forward on the Path of Salvation.

Janam is an opportunity to help the Needy Ones through the operation of The First Share under The LAW of THE TENTH Part.
Passage through life is an opportunity to serve The Teacher and The Teachings through the Second Share.
Janam is an opportunity to respect and honour the mother who provides the Atma with a body through the Third Share.
Passage through life is an opportunity to respect and honour the father through the Fourth Share.
Janam is an opportunity to serve the Society through the Fifth Share.
Passage through life is an opportunity to respect and honour the humanity and humility of the Service Providers through the Sixth Share.
Janam is an opportunity to do his or her duty towards Child 1 through The Seventh Share and Child 2 through The Eighth Share.
Passage through life is an opportunity to respect and honour the spouse through The Ninth Share.
Janam is an opportunity to carry out the Life Task of the Atma within the means of living in society through The Tenth Share.


Frequently Asked Questions

Qn.   When will life become easier?
Ans. When I am happy.

Qn.   When will I be happy?
Why and when was I unhappy during this Janam?

Ans.  I will be happy when I carry out the Life Task of my Soul.
I am unhappy when my Soul gives me a kick me from inside or makes me aware of her need to do something for her.

Qn.   When am I disturbed?
Ans. When my Atma is disturbed.

Qn.   When am I at peace or comfortable in Life?
Ans. When my Atma is at Peace or is Comfortable.

Qn.   When is my Atma at peace or comfortable?
Ans. When I am in presence of The Teacher and learning The Teachings.
When I work and live according to The Teachings, then I am at ease in my mind and body.
Therefore, my request which I will prepare for my Atma should focus on comfort of my Atma.

Qn.  When will my Janam be successful?
Ans. My Janam will be successful when I prepare my THREE Requests in such a manner that my next Janam will become successful in terms of carrying out my Life Task and prepare my Requests for the Janam thereafter.


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