The Teachings

The Universal Truths

“Everything is Duty”

“Everything is Fun”


The First Universal Truth

“Everything is Duty”

I perform my duties because I have to.

I cannot escape or evade them, shirk or ignore them.

A Duty is something I Have To Do.

The first thing for me is to discover all my Duties.

Thereafter, I can perform my duties.

I must ensure that I do my duty to GOD, then The Teacher and towards each of the other of the TEN Rightholders.

Thereafter, I have a duty under The GIFT.

The Right

GOD has given to every individual One Right,

Consisting of

Three Freedoms

  1. Freedom of Choice
  2. Freedom of Decision
  3. Freedom of Action


As soon as I initiate action


I become liable under The LAW

The LAW of Consequences

“When you act you are responsible to live with the consequences of your actions for the rest of your life.”

Definition of Act

Acts of Commission

  1. Speech or writing.
  2. Physical acts carried out using the body, its appendages, or other aids.

Acts of Omission

3. When it is my duty to do something, I avoid.

The LAW only talks about the consequences of my acts.

On the other hand, the teaching on daily instructions shows me how to live life on a daily basis and get the Benefits every day for the rest of my life.

I should discover and perform my duties on a daily basis, which will enable me to carry out the Life Task of my Atma.

The Second Universal Truth

“Everything is Fun.”

It is my Responsibility to Make the Doing of my Duty Fun for Myself.

GOD made everything Fun for everybody at all times.

PARAMATMA loves each one equally.

GOD treats each one at par.

PARAMATMA obeys HIS own LAWS, Rules, and Principles, as HE wants us to obey.

FUN is the ability to enjoy every single moment of my existence and the ability to celebrate every moment of this great opportunity given to my Soul to use this body with its contained intelligence to carry out my Life Task and to work for the Salvation of my Atma.

When we exchange blessings with another person, we may use a phrase “Have Fun”.

‘Have Fun’ means exactly that, look at myself and enjoy whatever I am doing, laugh at my own silly things, have fun with myself.

The Second Universal Truth is a blessing, an opportunity, and a reminder to make myself happy and to keep myself happy.

A little effort allows me to find the way to make my life fun for myself.


Qn:  What do I need to be able to have fun in my life?

Ans. I need to be creative at all times during my existence in the physical universe.

To ensure that I have fun every moment of my life,

I need to be aware of what I am doing and to be able to enjoy everything that I do.

Qn:  How can I become creative?

Ans. Creativity is a matter of practice.

I learn Mathematics through practice of solving known mathematical problems or already known physical, chemical, biological processes converted into mathematical state.

Similarly, I must practice to be creative in everything daily.

Article 8

“When you need explanations, interpretations or applications of my LAWS, Rules and The Principles of Life, seek and ask The Teacher and follow The Teachings given by Him”


I have to obey The Teachings as given by The Teacher when He is in Incarnation.

Here, a word :

In some of my previous Incarnations, I have given out these Teachings as I am giving out now.

However, in some cases, some followers have said that their version of  The Teachings recorded by someone who may have been present when The Teacher was in Incarnation or at some later date said or declared or hold that there will be no further Incarnations of The Teacher.

The Teachings as presented to them by some self-serving individuals are no longer The Teachings that I gave in that Incarnation.

In some cases, some king or some other persons/person have created certain organsiations or Seats of Power wherein they have installed their progenies or nominees as pro-Teacher.

I am the First Born and I appear in different places in the physical universe according to the need of the population of those places to remind them of The DIVINE LAWS, The DIVINE Rules and The Teachings whenever I am ordered or directed by GOD.

I have had large number of Incarnations at different places at different times in the past.

Currently, I am in this Incarnation delivering to you The Teachings as laid down by GOD.

Once the allotted number of breaths of the body given to The Teacher in this Incarnation are completed, I will leave this body and may be given another body in another place to repeat these Teachings in a new place.

I can discover all my duties and perform them through the daily instructions to discover my Life Task through daily Japp and JAAP.

My Atma is aware of all my actions and is happy when I live according to the Path of Light given through The Teachings.