The Teachings


The LAW of TENTH Part

“Give yourself the TENTH Part of all that you Earn, Acquire, and Receive”

A Partial Teaching on Understanding The TEN Shares




The First Share due to GOD is to be delivered to HIS Needy Ones.

There exists in every society a special class of people, each of whom we can generically label as a Needy Person.

If you cannot identify a needy person, the First Share of GOD is to be presented to The Teacher when He is Incarnate in a physical body.

The First Share when presented to The Teacher in Incarnation will automatically stand credited to the Needy Ones of GOD instantly.

You may not seek to know how The Teacher conveys the First Share to the needy ones of GOD.

When The Teacher is not present in a physical body+mind i.e. not Incarnate, then it becomes your own responsibility to convey the First Share to HIS needy ones.

It is your responsibility to personally identify the needy ones to whom you will present the First Share.

Comment 1: The First Share is for GOD.

Comment 2: GOD is not going to pick up HIS Share or use it.  

Comment 3: As per HIS directions, HIS Share is used for the needy ones.

Comment 4: Who are my needy ones? – is a question which needs to be addressed by you, the trustee of The First Share, without bias, prejudice, caste, color, creed or any other consideration.

Comment 5: Society has taught us to give something, as so-called charity, to temples, religious institutions, orphanages, churches etc. to assuage our guilt, all in the name of GOD but never as HIS First Share.

Comment 6: Is that doing your Duty?  No!  

Comment 7: In any method of analysis, there is no overlap among the different shareholders. Therefore, there is no scope for merging or changing the inter se priority, or of including any other person, entity, or organization in this list.

Where is caring for ‘Nature’?

Comment: Nature is an integral part of the Needy Ones; who, as you have understood, have to be given the First Share of GOD. You may therefore, use your First Share to also care for nature in all its environmental forms including forms of flora and fauna.

To protect and nurture nature, The GIFT is given to each individual in Janam.


GOD: “I have created and placed in the physical universe a large number of resources and facilities
All for you
To use or abuse
To enjoy or destroy
As you will
Without let or hindrance”

Comment 1: Every individual has the Right and the Duty to protect and nurture Nature according to need.

Comment 2: There is a reward for doing so since it was given to the Atma as a GIFT.



The Second Share is due to and must be handed over or conveyed to The Teacher when He is Incarnate in a human body.

The credit for the Second Share is given to your Atma as soon as your Second Share is handed over to The Teacher.

The Second Share stands credited to the needy ones instantly through The Teacher.

When The Teacher is NOT incarnate in a physical body, it becomes your own personal responsibility to convey the share of The Teacher to the needy ones on His behalf.

It is your responsibility, to personally identify the needy ones, to whom you will present the Second Share.

Second Share belongs to The Teacher.

The Teacher is the one who illuminates your Path and shows you The Way to GOD.

The Teacher is currently Incarnate in a physical body and is thus available to all.



Mother is the Third Right Holder of all that I earn, acquire and receive.

Mother is the woman who nurtured me inside her womb for nine months and gave birth to me.

She is known as biological or natural mother.

A woman who nurtured me, after my physical birth, not being the biological mother, be it under any circumstances by way of finding, adoption or surrogate et cetera is also construed to be equivalent to mother.

It is in the nature of human beings to demand pay back for services rendered.

Human beings seek to cover up their pay back demand from their offspring by giving it different coloration, for example love, caring for old parents et cetera.

GOD has through The LAW of The TENTH Part ordained that mother, is entitled, by dictate of The LAW, to the Third Share of everything that the child, whether it be born or nurtured by her, “earns, acquires and receives”.


Qn.   What happens when a parent dies?


What happens to his or her Share?

Ans.   When a parent dies, the mother or father leaves a silent unspoken instruction to his or her child: “Do with my share as I would do”.

In other words, it must be divided into the TEN parts that the parent would have done and distributed accordingly.

Comment: This obligation ends when the child dies. Their portion must be divided into TEN equal parts and distributed to TEN Right Holders. The duty in this respect is applicable for one generation only.

The grandchild is not obliged to pass on any shares to a grandparent.

The same applies to Life Partner and Children.



Father is the rightful owner of Fourth Share of all that I “earn, acquire and receive”.

Father is the man who is the biological father.

A man who nurtured me, not being the biological father, be it under any circumstances by way of finding, adoption or surrogate shall also be treated equivalent to a father.

Comment 1: When a parent passes on, it becomes the responsibility of the child to distribute the TEN parts made from his or her share at number 3 or number 4 on behalf of that parent.

Comment 2: When the child also passes on, then his or her obligations with regard to his or her parent are not passed on to the next generation.



Society, which is the Rightful owner of the Fifth Share, is a system whereby people live together in organized communities.

Each member of society owes the Fifth Share of whatever he or she earns, acquires and receives, so that the pooled whole is utilized for the provision of common use services and needs of infrastructure, common defense et cetera.

We know and accept that Society takes its share from each individual through taxes and other levies.

After society through its government takes away its share, divide the remainder into NINE equal Parts and give one equal share to each of the remaining Nine Right Holders.

Since the tax is given to society, which is at number 5 and it is taken by society before the total can be distributed to the other Right Holders, therefore it would be in order of things to exclude society from any further distribution and it is in that context that the above sentence talks about distribution to the Nine Right Holders (other than Society) after deduction or payment of tax.

If a Society does Not collect tax from its citizens in any form, then each citizen of that society is duty bound to give the Fifth Share of all his or her earning, acquisition and receipt to that society for common use.

In such a situation, you must divide all your earning, acquisition, and receipt into TEN equal Shares and deliver One Equal Share to each Right Holder.



Service providers comprise of persons who provide me with any and every service.

They are together entitled to the Sixth Share of all that I earn, acquire and receive.

Remuneration for the effort made by the service provider by way of contract of service is also included/covered by this requirement of the LAW.

To be able to serve someone, it is a requirement to become humble and thus humility is one of the important aspect of humanity.

It is the recognition of his or her humanity that the LAW seeks to endow.

In the eyes of the LAW, all human beings have an Atma, which entitles each one to be treated with equal respect at par.

Some countries have tried to uphold this part of The LAW by practicing giving tip to the service providers.

‘Tip’ over and above the bill for any service is almost institutionalized by the system.

It assuages the guilt feelings of the tip giver.

Service providers may be given the share proportionate to the service rendered by each according to merit.

Service providers may be given, for services rendered, immediately or at a later occasion as decided by you.



The Seventh Share is for nurturing the First Child of a couple.

When there is one child, then both shares at numbers 7 and 8 go to that child.

When there are more than two children, then those two shares are divided equally into the number of children.



The Second Child of a couple is entitled to the Eighth Share of whatever each parent earns, acquires and receives.

In the case where there is no second child, the Eighth Share from each parent also goes to the single child of that couple.

In the case where there are more than two children, all the children will share the Seventh and Eighth Shares of each parent equally.


Where a couple has more than two children, let us say seven children, the Seventh and Eighth Share of each parent shall be pooled together and seven equal shares shall be made.

Each child of the seven children shall receive one equal share of the total pooled shares: be it attention, affection, money spent on health, education et cetera.



The spouse is entitled to the Ninth Share of whatever I earn, acquire and receive.

Spouse means a person of either gender.

Every spouse of a person is entitled to the Ninth Share.



I am the one on whom The LAW operates and I give myself the Tenth Share that is mine by right out of all that I earn, acquire and receive.

I need to give the first Nine Shares to the Right Holders before giving myself the Tenth Share to remain in compliance with The Teachings.


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