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A Partial Teaching on Purpose of Life



You all know something is missing from your life from a very early age because you do not know your purpose of life.

This body+mind has been given to the Soul for one simple purpose of carrying out a small Task for the Atma on behalf of GOD.

Nobody talks about the purpose of life, it almost appears as if society does not care.

It appears that society would have you spend your life in pursuit of material and meaningless goals of accumulating wealth and property.

At the same time, society also tells you that none of your wealth and properties will go with you when your life comes to an end.


The Question 

What is the purpose of life?


The Answer

Every Atma needs to merge back with GOD.

PARAMATMA has laid down the condition that any Atma who needs to merge back with HIM must complete the TASK.

The TASK has been divided into 5 smaller individual unique Tasks.

Each Atma has to earn the opportunity to carry out each individual Task.

The Atma earns this opportunity by passing through the Joonis.

Each of these small individual unique Tasks are to be carried out in the physical world.

To carry out a physical Life Task, the Atma has to be given a physical body to carry out one designated Life Task in one Janam.


The Purpose of Life

The purpose of life is to carry out the Life Task of the Atma during this physical life (Janam) using the given body+mind.


The First Requirement

The first requirement is to determine/ discover the Life Task for this Janam as given to my Soul.


Determination of The Task of My Atma

I can only discover or determine the Life Task of my Soul by accessing either my own Atma internally or if that is not possible by approaching PARAMATMA and getting the Life Task from HIM.


The Second Requirement

The second requirement is discover the means and method to approach GOD.


Approaching PARAMATMA

There is only one way to approach GOD as prescribed in Article 5


The Interference

However, society interferes and makes the body+mind given to the Atma carry out a large number of violations of The Teachings which result in encapsulation of the Atma in a prison inside that physical body+mind due to the individual layers leading to formation of the crust.


Communication Breakdown

Once the communication between the Atma and the specific body+mind given for carrying out the Life Task breaks, then the responsibility for finding out and carrying out the Life Task of that Atma devolves upon the specific body+mind given to that Atma.


The Purpose and Meaning of Life is twofold:

  1. When the Atma is in control – to carry out the Life Task as dictated by the Atma within.
  2. When the Atma is unable to communicate with body+mind, then it becomes my (body+mind) responsibility to find out the Life Task on behalf of my Atma.
  3. Once the body+mind has discovered the Life Task of its Atma; it needs to carry out the Life Task.



To be able to carry out my Life Task, I need to sustain myself as a viable being (body+mind). Therefore,

  1. I need to ensure the physical well-being of (body+mind) in all respects.
  2. To be able to sustain myself in the society, I have been given The Teachings that I must obey in all respects.


The DIVINE Advice

GOD says: “When you need to find out the TASK given to your Atma, you remember me by my name OMNMNKAAAR”


The Meaning (Purpose of Life) 

What is the meaning of life?


The Soul is given a body that includes a tiny brain (mind/intelligence).

This body+mind is given to the Soul to carry out one Life Task for GOD so as to enable the Soul move one-step forward on the Path of Salvation.

There are a total of Five individual Life Tasks, to be carried out over Five opportunities, each such opportunity is to be earned by that Soul.

Five Tasks = One TASK, completion of which earns that Soul the right to merge with GOD i.e. Salvation from the travails of the physical universe.

Life is thus the Passage of a particular Soul through one given life span through the physical universe, in a specific given human body+mind with the aim of carrying out the given Life Task and earn the right to achieve Salvation after completion of the given TASK.


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