The Teachings

A Partial Teaching on the Benefits of Reciting the Name OMNMNKAAAR




There are Three modes of reciting OMNMNKAAAR.

  1. Through single repetition of OMNMNKAAAR OMNMNKAAAR  OMNMNKAAAR   OMNMNKAAAR  OMNMNKAAAR with short gaps between repetitions. Each single repetition is known as one JAPP.
  2. Through Ten such Japps, recited continuously which is known as one JAAP.
  3. Through Dhyaan or Meditation for which special rules and procedures are prescribed in The Teachings.


One recitation of OMNMNKAAAR is known as one Japp.

Benefits of Japp

Each Japp brings you multiple benefits.

  1. When you recite OMNMNKAAAR, then GOD will come there on each repetition and shower one nano particle of HIS Blessing on each of your needs.
  2. Every time you recite OMNMNKAAAR once, you get one attendance in the ledger of your Atma.
  3. When you recite OMNMNKAAAR along with other people, you get the benefit of additional credits to the account of your Soul.
  4. By reciting OMNMNKAAAR, you increase the quantity of Kanns that you earn as benefits.
  5. Each Kann that you earn will benefit and protect your body+mind throughout your life.
  6. One recitation of OMNMNKAAAR will stop one negatively running counter present in the account of your Atma.
  7. The last reading of that counter is transferred to his or her ledger.
  8. The Principle of stopping the negative counters is ‘First on is first stopped’.
  9. By reciting OMNMNKAAAR, you will fill your communication channel to GOD with virtual spheres of spiritual energy.
  10. Every recitation of OMNMNKAAAR, takes you one Nano-Step nearer to discovering the Life Task of your Atma during this Janam.
  11. One recitation of OMNMNKAAAR takes you closer to completing one more JAAP.
  12. Each recitation of OMNMNKAAAR helps your Atma reduce the number of Joonis given at the time of accounting in front of The Chief Judge.



The LAW of The TENTH Part prescribes that I am to give myself only the TENTH Part of all that I earn, acquire and receive.

However, the benefits that I receive on reciting OMNMNKAAAR are received by me alone.

To uphold The LAW of The TENTH Part and to ensure that every Soul in Janam gets the benefits associated with upholding The LAW of The TENTH Part, PARAMATMA has instituted another technical term JAAP.

JAAP requires an individual to recite OMNMNKAAAR ten times continuously.

On each recitation, he or she will transmit the benefits of one Japp to each of the Ten Right holders sequentially.
When an individual recites OMNMNKAAAR, a virtual basket appears above a person’s head according to The LAW of The TENTH Part.

The virtual basket is filled with the benefits associated with HIS Name, HIS Blessings and all the positive things that flow from GOD.
As each basket appears, GOD delivers it to the correct beneficiaries.

The order of distribution is:

  1. The First recitation of OMNMNKAAAR is due to GOD through HIS needy persons.
  2. Second share is due to The Teacher, this also goes to the needy persons through The Teacher.
  3. Third Share is due to the Mother of that individual.
  4. Fourth Share is due to the Father of that individual.
  5. Fifth Share is due to the Society of that individual.
  6. Sixth Share is due to the Service Providers of that individual.
  7. Seventh Share is due to the First Child of that individual.
  8. Eighth Share is due to the Second Child of that individual.
  9. Ninth Share is due to the Spouse of that individual.
  10. Tenth Share to the individual reciting OMNMNKAAAR.


Benefits in JAAP

Therefore, when you recite OMNMNKAAAR in JAAP, you get and you distribute benefits to TEN Right holders under The LAW.

  1. Each recitation of OMNMNKAAAR is included in a series of JAAP which runs all through Janam.
  2. When you complete one JAAP, you start the next one with the next recitation of OMNMNKAAAR.
  3. PARAMATMA becomes thrilled when HE hears your voice speaking or chanting OMNMNKAAAR. HE starts the distribution and delivers to one million needy ones on HIS outward journey.
  4. Thus, with one recitation of OMNMNKAAAR, you would have given HIM the opportunity to Bless one million of HIS children in all corners of the physical universe.
  5. On HIS return journey to you to pick up the next basket from above your head, GOD picks up one hundred thousand Ashirwads in the form of thanks that one out of Ten needy ones would have said to HIM.
  6. HE holds these thanks in HIS hand till your turn.
  7. Similarly PARAMATMA makes Nine trips to distribute the first Nine baskets that you generate due to the recitation of OMNMNKAAR.
  8. On the Tenth recitation of OMNMNKAAAR, GOD picks up your basket and pours it upon your head plus the nine hundred thousand Blessings HE brought in the way of thanks and adds enough from HIS own to give you a million Ashirwad upon your head.
  9. When I recite OMNMNKAAAR in Satsang, I enjoy multiple benefits.
  10. When ten people are reciting OMNMNKAAAR in a Congregation or Satsang, each one gets 10 credits (1+9).
  11. Ten credits received means 10 negative counters are stopped at the same time.
  12. Each basket distributed by GOD carries HIS Ashirwad to the needy ones across the physical universe.
  13. When the third and fourth basket is delivered upon the Atma, it helps the person in Janam in his or her body+mind.
  14. In the case where the mother or father of the person reciting OMNMNKAAAR has passed away, the benefit is delivered to the Soul in Jooni and that Atma gets a reduction of one Jooni.
  15. Thus, the individual reciting has helped his or her mother or father’s Soul to reduce the number of Joonis that have to be gone through by them.
  16. When reciting in Satsang, the benefits are much greater because you will receive more credits too.


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