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A Partial Teaching on the Atma or Soul

From The Definitions


One element of GOD in independent existence.
Atma is a small element created out of The RADIANCE by PARAMATMA.
Soul contains elements of both forms of energy, first energy and second energy.
Atma is indestructible.
Soul is born with an intense need to merge back with PARAMATMA.
Atma does not possess shape, form or substance.
Soul does not have any sensory perception, such as sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste or feeling.
Atma has Awareness.
Soul has the ability to take control of the physical body+mind specifically given for that Janam.
Atma is also known and addressed as Soul or Rooh.


Soul is self-contained and independent.
Atma establishes control over every cell of the body+mind given for that Janam.
I use three terms to refer to myself; these are I, Me and Myself.
First (I) represents the Atma.
The second (me) represents the intelligence.
The third (myself) represents the body.
I can touch and feel the body, using my senses.
I can use my intelligence through the ability to think and experience various activities through a process of recordings in memory.
I can neither feel nor experience my Soul.


A Question
Does the Soul exist or is it a figment of imagination?

Against that question is the answer of the collective experiences and writings of a large number of evolved people down the ages, all of whom have claimed and postulated the existence of the Atma.
It difficult to reject the postulate of the existence of the Soul.
For the time being, let me accept the existence of the Atma.


The Teacher on Atma
The Teacher in all His different Incarnations has stated simply that each human body+mind is alive only when there is an Atma resident inside that body.

The Teacher states that the body+mind is given to a Soul for the duration of a Janam to enable that Atma carry out one small Life Task in that Janam.


An Analogy
The Soul generates a weak force on the intelligence and the body.
An analogy is the weak force of gravity on the mass of the earth.
Yet, gravity is a very potent force when it acts on objects present on the surface of the earth.
Similarly, the weak force of the Soul is a very potent force as and when it acts on the body+mind given to that Atma for the passage through life.


What The Atma Needs
The Atma needs to have the given Life Task carried out using the body+mind given to that Soul for that purpose.
The Atma is happy when you remember GOD through repetition of OMNMNKAAAR.
Every repetition of OMNMNKAAAR will bring benefits to the Soul, to the Mind, to the Body and to the other Nine Rights Holders of that Atma.


What The Soul Gets From Society
Society takes control of the little person upon his or her physical birth from the womb of the mother.
Thus, the Atma to whom that body was given by GOD is effectively excluded from control of the resource given.
By myriad inducements and frustration including lies and fraud, society through its agents induces the little person to ignore the Soul within and to focus on personal pleasures, greed, wants, needs and fears of the body+mind.

These behaviours lead the little person to commit sins, for example little people tell lies by denial and concealment.
Little people imitate adults by taking note of the difference between what an adult says and what he or she does.
The little person thus learns by experience that an adult is not to be relied upon when he or she says something.
Rather, it is appropriate for the little person to do, by imitation, what the adult does.

Each such act by the little person constitutes a sin.
When the first instance of sin takes place, a thin layer of film is created.
This film stretches across the complete Atma including the filaments of control sent into each cell.

Every subsequent sin creates another layer of film, which thus deposited upon the Soul will cause the filaments sent out by the Atma to contract inwards towards the Soul layer by layer.

With each layer of film deposited around the Soul, the opacity around the Atma is increased.
With the accumulation of these layers of opacity, all the filaments contract into a small area around the Atma that is now enclosed within a hard, impenetrable and opaque crust.
Control of the body+mind is lost completely once the Soul is covered by the crust.
Atma is now unable to communicate with the given body+mind.


What Now
Soul continues to remain focused on the TASK given by GOD.
Atma continues to make efforts to communicate with the given body+mind to regain control and to make that body+mind carry out the TASK of the Soul.

The efforts of the Atma creates disturbances within the body+mind from time to time as and when the Soul initiates an effort to make the given body+mind of that person accept the responsibility of carrying out the Life Task of the Atma.

Some people feel a hollowness within the body+mind and in some cases, a sense of uneasiness prevails in different situations at different times.
Thus, the Atma tries to make the body+mind aware of a higher purpose.

Atma wants the body+mind to accept the responsibility of carrying out the Life Task on behalf of the Soul.
Atma needs the body+mind to discover the Life Task.
Soul needs the body+mind to live within The Way of Life and to obey all The Teachings.
Once enclosed within the crust, the Atma cannot convey the Life Task directly to the given body+mind.

Besides the Soul itself, GOD is the only one who knows the TASK given to that Atma.
Therefore, Soul needs the body+mind to discover the Life Task by connecting with GOD.



Atma is an element of GOD.

Soul does not possess any shape, form or substance.

The body+mind given to the Atma is just a container or a set of outerwear for the duration of Janam.

The Soul has been given the body with its contained intelligence to carry out one Life Task out of five to enable the Atma progress forward on the Path of Moksha or Salvation.


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