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A Partial Teaching on Nurturing the Child




During the interaction with Soul:

GOD gives the Right to name the body of the child to the biological parents.

PARAMATMA instructs the parents of the body to nurture the body.

Both biological parents accept the duty to nurture that child.

Atma asks GOD how long the duty to nurture will apply for and who will decide to end it.

PARAMATMA replies: ” Till you decide.”


The LAW of The TENTH Part

The LAW of The TENTH Part imposes a duty on each biological parent to give one share of everything to the nurture of that child.

This Duty to nurture includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Physiological nurturing.
  2. Mental nurturing.
  3. Psychological nurturing.
  4. Emotional nurturing.
  5. Spiritual nurturing.
  6. Educational nurturing et cetera.


Society Puts Its Finger Into The Pie

By social manipulation over a long period of time, society has managed to convert a Duty to nurture into a Right to control the child.

The parents now treat the child as their property and forget the duty laid upon them by GOD.

The parents and family do not consider that the child is the residence of the Soul given to their care for nurturing.

Society does not allow anyone to carry out his or her Duty or exercise his or her Right.

Society does not accept personal Responsibility for the consequences of the suffering endured by its people who follow so- called societal rules.


Society  Ignores the Duty and Creates Problems for Everyone

The LAW of Consequences simply imposes the Consequences of your actions upon you on your every birth date.


The Result is your Condition Now

Qn.   Why are you in misery all the time?

Ans. Because of the non performance of your duty.

The Soul at its minimum does not want any interference.

Within the first 96 hours of arrival in the world, the little one decides to exercise his or her right to end the duty imposed on the so-called parents and nurturing is refused.

The little person considers the so-called biological parents as servants given to him or her.

Within the first four days after birth, the so-called parents consider the duty to nurture as an imposition.

The little one only requires a few simple acts: ‘ Clean me’,  ‘Feed me’,  ‘Bathe me’, ‘Massage me’,  ‘Walk me so that I can sleep.’

When the little person needs anything, he or she simply calls out for attention, which to the parents sounds like crying.

Comment: In her internal dialogue, the little person continues to consider the so-called parents as her personal servants, given to perform a duty to serve her (nurture) by GOD.


Question: Can a child (Atma) choose its parents?

Answer: No.

Every couple who enters into a physical union creates a request for a baby.

This request enters the system and passes through different departments for preliminary clearance.

Each process requires time for consideration.

This time varies between two months to nearly nine months after biological fertilization.

After the successful union of egg and sperm, the foetus grows as a simple biological organism.

The bureaucratic process of approval and the physical processes of biology proceed simultaneously.

A valid request send the two Atmas of that couple into the queue in front of GOD to receive a Soul into the foetus that they have produced.

The Souls are presented before GOD, who grants their request for a baby.


The “Lie”

In the first four days (96 hours) after birth, the mother attends to the child 24 hours.

She gets tired and feels exhausted in every way.

The child sees his parents as slaves or servants who are there to do their duty of nurturing him or her.

The Atma in this new baby’s body is in control, ordering his or her mother around for the purpose of feeding, cleaning, rocking, holding, massaging, bathing him or her, and so on.

By the fifth day, when the child demands attention, the exhausted mother says: No, wait a while, I am just too tired, give me a break, or words to that effect.

The child perceives this as a lie and a breach of her promise before PARAMATMA.

Soul is shocked at getting back-talk from his mother-slave!

The little person under control of the Soul decides to teach the mother-slave a lesson!

No rest for you!

And keeps his or her mother running off her feet for months, and maybe years thereafter.

There is a total difference in perception here.

Mother                            versus                        Child

“My baby”                                                      “My slave”

The fact that every mother has been genetically programmed and conditioned to care for every child, called mother-love by society and has no inkling of what the baby is truly thinking, is the only reason that the child survives!

The Atma remembers the Life Task and is anxious to do it and get back to GOD.

However, even though the Atma remembers her Life Task, he or she has no way of performing it through this child which is ruled by its body (mainly), its brain or intelligence (minimally) and is highly conditioned by society.

Additionally, the little person does not have the physical coordination between its brain and its body to allow the body to execute the instructions of the Soul and carry out the Life Task in the first few days after birth while the Atma is still able to communicate with the body+mind.

The communication between Soul and the given body+mind is completely broken by the end of year one of life because of repeated violations by the little person, who is still teaching her mother a lesson.


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