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The LAW of The TENTH Part

“Give yourself the TENTH Part of all that you Earn, Acquire and Receive”

A Partial Teaching on Parsing The LAW of The TENTH Part




  1. Give is an active verb. Its attributes are:
    1. Giving is an act of responsibility.
    2. Giving is a logical activity. Therefore, it is a positive act.
    3. Giving is an act of enabling me. I can only give when I can think for myself, plan for myself and act for myself.
    4. Giving is a dynamic activity (Get up and do; when I will follow The LAW, I will be dynamic, full of life, of activity et cetera).

Comment 1: To give is to perform my duty.
Comment 2: To give is to comply with The Teachings.
Comment 3: To give is to be without any expectation.

  1. The FOUR Rules of Life
    1. I am Responsible.
    2. I am Positive.
    3. I am Self-Enabled.
    4. I am Dynamic.

Comment 1: The first word ‘give’ of the LAW is a powerful active verb.
Comment 2: The attributes of the word ‘give’ lead directly to The FOUR Rules of Life, which enables a human being to pass through Janam successfully.

When the properties of the term – ‘give’ are examined, we discover the power and relevance of one single word.

Give is an active verb and giving has to be well- planned (think, data collection).

The LAW is the source from which all duties, responsibilities and obligations are created whereas Articles, Rules, Instructions, Regulations and Procedures may be specified for the fulfillment and achievement of those duties and responsibilities.

Rules and Regulations emanate from The LAW.

All the LAWS are equal.

The LAW of The TENTH Part

“Give yourself the TENTH Part of all that you Earn, Acquire and Receive”



GOD recognizes that every human being is selfish and will seek an advantage for himself or herself in the first instance every time.

Each Atma will have its own need – need to merge back with HIM.

So, every Atma will only be interested in doing his or her Life Task.

Since every Atma has to use the body+mind to carry out one Life Task during a Janam, the first two words of The LAW helps both the Atma and the human to accept The LAW from the start of the text.

Give yourself simply means that your need has been catered for which leads to a feeling of satisfaction in whoever reads or hears the text of the LAW.

I have to give of myself actively and therefore I accept.

What should I give myself?

  1. Divide everything into TEN equal numbered parts: First Part, Second Part, Third Part, Fourth Part, Fifth Part, Sixth Part, Seventh Part, Eighth Part, Ninth Part and Tenth Part.
  2. In order to give myself The TENTH Part, I have to give the first nine parts to their rightful owners.



It is here that GOD has specified that each individual is to make ten equal parts or shares of everything that will be earned, acquired or received.

This concept is easy to explain and understand for even an uneducated person.


A farm labourer receives some quantity of grain as his wages at the end of the day. He spreads the fingers of both hands. He now puts all ten fingers on the ground and draws ten lines, towards himself, on the earth. He now divides the grains or the wages that he has received equally on each of the ten lines representing the ten shares of the Ten Right Holders.



This phrase tells each individual that his or her share is The Tenth Share of the ten equal shares that he or she has made. Thus, it is clear that there are Nine other Right Holders before me in every case and at all times. The Ten Shares must be delivered sequentially.



This word is an inclusive and self-explanatory word and does not allow for any exceptions or exemptions. It clearly mandates that there is nothing in the life of a human being living in society or outside society, which is outside the scope of the LAW. The use of ‘all’ indicates that whatever comes after has to be included in totality. Nothing is excluded.

Example To Understand

The breaths that I inhale have been given to the body, given to the Atma for the period of Janam.

Therefore, I have received the breaths from GOD and the first breath in every ten therefore belongs to HIM and thus must be dedicated to HIS service.

However, GOD although having a right on the first breath out of ten never takes it away from the Atma because HE has in Article 1 – “When you leave my leave presence, your time begins” promised to the Atma to give the full number of breaths in the given body+mind so that the Atma may carry out The Life Task in that given Janam in that given body+mind.

Accordingly, every time an individual remembers PARAMATMA by reciting HIS name – OMNMNKAAAR, the breath that is used to pronounce HIS name is returned back to that body for the use of that Atma.

From the above, we may conclude that GOD is truly benevolent and wants each Atma to succeed in carrying out the Life Task and achieve merger with HIM.

The LAW of The TENTH Part is a benevolent LAW.

Its purpose is to enable an Atma in Janam earn the benefits of every Act carried out using the given body+mind using the resources and facilities that HE has created and placed in the physical world for unrestricted use for everyone equally.



This phrase says that everything an individual earns, acquires and receives has to be divided into 10 equal shares.



The LAW says that everything that you have, or earn, or acquire, and receive whatever be the source or origin has to be shared by you equally amongst Ten Rights Holders.

The LAW has spelt out clearly that nothing is to be excluded from the purview and ambit of the operation of The LAW.


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