The Teachings


The LAW of The TENTH Part

“Give yourself the TENTH Part of all that you Earn, Acquire and Receive”

A Partial Teaching on Fiduciary Responsibility towards Right Holders



Qn.   What is my fiduciary responsibility and towards whom?

Ans.  According to The LAW of The TENTH Part, there are Ten Right Holders:-

  1. It is my duty to deliver the Share of each Right Holder to that Right Holder.
  2. Whenever a particular Right Holder is not in existence at a given time, then the Share of that Right Holder is to be held by me in Trust.
  3. The act of being a Trustee is an act of carrying out my Fiduciary Responsibility towards that particular Right Holder.
  4. During my trusteeship of a particular Right Holder’s Share, it will also be my Duty to grow the Share if it includes wealth so that when I deliver that Share to that Right Holder, I must deliver a current value equal to and or greater than at the time it came into my trusteeship.


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