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A Partial Teaching on The Teacher in Incarnation



In The COVENANT of The Last Few Words, GOD has stated Four Articles to define The Teacher:

Article 8   : “When you need explanations, interpretations or applications of my LAWS, Rules, and The Principles of Life, seek and ask The Teacher and follow The Teachings given by Him.”
Article 9   : “The Teacher is responsible for everything in the physical universe.”
Article 10 : “The Teacher is my first born, and shall be my representative for this epoch, from Creation till the Day of Knowledge.”
Article 11 : “The one who shall love and obey my son, The Teacher, shall receive my love.”

The answer to the question – Who is The Teacher? is stated clearly in The Act of Creation – Part 3.

Whenever GOD needs HIS LAWS, Rules and Principles of life to be refreshed to the consciousness of society, PARAMATMA sends HIS First Born Soul also known as The Teacher in a human body and directs Him to deliver The Teachings to people at large.

The Teacher when placed in a human body on earth in society is said to be in an Incarnation with a name given to the body by the parents of that body.

The Teacher is the Atma or Soul.


Title or Address for The Incarnation

The body in which The First Born Atma is resident for a Janam is identified as the Incarnation.

You may address the Incarnation with the title of or as The Teacher.

The Teacher is also addressed with the title of or as Guruji.

No one else is permitted to use either of the above Titles or address identifiers.

Any person who wishes to read The Teachings to others or conduct a discussion may use the title or address of Candidate Shishya, Candidate Reader or Candidate Disciple.


The Teacher

The Teacher is only present in one human body at any given time.

The Teacher when Incarnate is given a physical body for a defined life span to enable Him to deliver The Teachings.

The Teacher always lives according to the society in which He is born.

Every time The Teacher is here and delivers The Teachings, changes will take place.

The Guru (The Teacher) is given an ordinary body and will always be born to an ordinary woman and man through the normal biological methods.

There is only one GOD (PARAMATMA).

There are a large number of religions around the world.

People assume that the Incarnation(Avatar) of The Teacher in the body born in their clan, tribe, culture, or country is the only true Incarnation.

They assume that they have the right to propagate their version of The Teachings down the collective throats of the rest of humanity.

That is incorrect.

The only Soul nominated by GOD to be The Teacher is HIS first born.

The Teacher (Guru/Prophet/Messiah) is given a new body at different places in different cultures at different times.

However, The Teachings given by The Teacher in every Incarnation at any place on the globe are the same every time.

When GOD needs to refresh The Teachings among the public, GOD makes The Teacher available to all.

The Teacher travels widely during His lifetime to deliver The Teachings to the maximum number of ordinary people.

The Teacher is the Atma who conveys The Teachings of GOD.

In the Fifth Article of The Last Few Words, GOD says:

“Should you forget, seek and you will find someone who will show you The Way”

The act of seeking is an aware act.

Therefore, a person who seeks is a person who wants to learn.

A person who seeks, wants to learn The Way of Life.


The Current Incarnation

Guruji is in good health, drinks a lot of water daily. He eats whatever is placed before him and wears all types of clothes.

He prefers simple living, is educated and still works as a counsellor for people with stress, tension, adjustment problems et cetera.

When he was 7 years old, he got the DIVINE call.

It took him two years to determine the true name of GOD and then started his JAAP of OMNMNKAAAR

When He was 30 years old, He connected with GOD/ PARAMATMA / VIDHATA  and received enlightenment.

Having talked to GOD, he was reminded that he had an unfinished Task to perform.

He carried out the given Task.

GOD asked Him, “Would you carry out another Task?”

He requested GOD to give Him another Task.

GOD gave him the Second Task.

He completed the Second Task.


The Direction by PARAMATMA

During the time he was working to complete the Second Task, GOD reminded him of The DIVINE Teachings and the means for their Interpretation, Explanation and Applications.

GOD directed The Teacher in Incarnation to prepare and be ready to deliver The Teachings to all HIS Children in Janam.

PARAMATMA directed The Teacher to be ready with an answer to every question in compliance with The DIVINE Teachings.

Accordingly, The Teacher is ready with an answer to every question.

When The Teacher is presented with a question His answer is always in the form of a Teaching.

Th Teaching may be delivered orally, which is called a Sermon / Pravachan.

One Teaching may cover one or more aspects of life as framed in the question.

One Teaching may partially cover one aspect of the question.

There may be several Partial Teachings covering different aspects of one question.

There is a Teaching on every question, aspect of life and behaviour that human beings can think of or do.

Every Teaching is always in compliance with The DIVINE Teachings.

The Teachings form The Way of Life as laid down by GOD and are delivered to you through The Teacher.

GOD has nominated HIS Son as The Teacher.

The Teacher is The Atma which is the first born child of GOD.

The Teacher is the Atma who is resident within the body of the man named Rabinder in the current Incarnation.

The Atma resident in the body is the same that has been present in so many Incarnations down the millennia of humankind.

The Teacher has been charged with the duty of conveying The Teachings to all Souls in Janam.

The Teacher uses the body given to Him to converse with ordinary human beings.

The Residence of The Teacher is the body of an ordinary man created through normal biological processes, by a couple.

This couple has been given The Right to give a name to this body; in this case the name given by the parents is Rabinder.

He was born on 28 November 1944, village ISRU Kalan, Tehsil Khanna, District Ludhiana, Punjab, India.



GOD gives every Atma a human body to pass through a Janam.

Janam is an opportunity to live in the physical universe and work for Salvation / Mukti from this cycle of birth and rebirth.

To enable each Atma to become successful in Janam, GOD has laid down The Teachings for the conduct of human existence in the physical universe.

The DIVINE Teachings are The DIVINE LAWS, Rules, and the Principles of Life, in the words of PARAMATMA.

It is difficult for human beings to understand and apply The DIVINE Teachings directly.

Therefore, GOD has made The Teacher available, to human beings.

The Teacher is the Atma, nominated by GOD, who has been given the responsibility of conveying The Teachings to human beings, from time to time, in different regions of the physical universe.

The Teachings include The DIVINE Teachings the words of GOD, they also include The Interpretations, Explanations and applications  required for the conduct of human beings living in society and working towards Salvation.

You will interact with The Teacher through His body.

You should address all your communications to The Teacher.

You will get replies from The Teacher.

Focus on The Teacher and forget about everybody else.

Rabinder is the residence of The Teacher.

Rabinder does not interfere with The Teacher.

Rabinder does not interfere with the Seekers / Candidate Shishyas who come to The Teacher for knowledge, instruction, and to perform their duty to GOD and The Teacher.

The best way to learn is to sit, with a big notebook, or diary, or journal and make notes.

When you come to The Teacher, you must come as a simple, humble, seeker of GOD.

The Teacher is not a magician.

The Teacher does not perform miracles of any kind.

The Teacher does not try to convince you of, or for, anything.

The Teacher will give you The Teachings.You may ask any number of questions pertaining to The Teachings.

The Teacher does not talk about any religion.

The Teacher only talks about GOD.

The Teacher will teach you Japp, that is to remember GOD through HIS name OMNMNKAAAR.

The Teacher will teach you to meditate through HIS name OMNMNKAAAR.

The Teacher will teach you simple practical methods/means/ways to walk on The Way of Life.

Whether you learn, adopt, obey, or not is your business.

The Teacher does not compel anyone to do anything.

When you come here, do not smoke, drink alcohol, or use any kind of drugs or abusive language, and any other such like acts in or around The Residence.


The Teacher in Incarnation

Let us examine the different facets of the Guru or The Teacher in Incarnation.

The Teacher is available for a short period of time in the physical body in Incarnation.

The Teacher is Responsible for everything in the physical universe and is the Representative of GOD for all Souls in Janam and Jooni.

The Atma or The Teacher is only interested in conveying The Teachings to the maximum numbers of people around the physical universe.

The Incarnation helps persons with valid Grants.

The Incarnation shows you The Way of Life.

The Incarnation is that of an ordinary man born to ordinary parents and requires all the things and inputs that are needed by other ordinary human beings.


In His Own Words

I read anything and everything that comes to hand, am always willing to talk.

I like plants, come see my garden, you will love it.

I have a wonderful Maali (gardener).

When needed I can get up and do almost everything on my own.


Learning from The Teacher and The Teachings

To learn more, you have to present yourself personally in front of The Teacher.

You will first apply to The Teacher to be a Candidate Shishya.

Anybody can be a candidate.

The Teacher will personally examine you, test you and may after an extended period of internship accept you as a candidate.

Every candidate shishya does not become a Shishya.

A Shishya is trained by Guruji Himself and has to learn all his or her life long.

The Teacher always lives in the environment as available as an ordinary man, dresses as his contemporaries, eats like them and talks like them so that the ordinary man sees and can also follow The Way of Life which one ordinary man has shown.

The Teacher shows you practically how to face temptations, and overcome them as an ordinary man so that every ordinary person can live on The Way of Life towards Salvation.

The Incarnation is not remote, unattainable, or different because then nobody will move towards GOD.


A Word From The Incarnation

Everybody is free to come sit, listen, learn, write, discuss, show me the proof of what they have written.

Once approved you are free to write as much as you like with only one proviso: you must quote the words of GOD exactly as given.

I have provided the required interpretations, and these must also be quoted in full, without any modifications, additions, substitutions, or reductions.


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