The Teachings

The LAW of The TENTH Part

“Give yourself the TENTH Part of all that you earn, acquire and receive”

A Partial Teaching on Donations or So-called Charity


The LAW is clear that every individual has a duty towards TEN persons.

The TEN Rights Holders under the LAW are:

  2.      The Teacher.
  3.      Mother.
  4.      Father.
  5.      Society.
  6.      Service Providers.
  7.      Child.
  8.      Child.
  9.      Spouse.
  10.      Self.


The Right [See Teaching on The Right]

“GOD has given to every individual One Right

Consisting of

THREE Freedoms

  1.   Freedom of Choice.
  2.   Freedom of Decision.
  3.   Freedom of Action.”


The FOUR Rules of Life

  1.   I am Responsible.
  2.   I am Positive.
  3.   I am Self – Enabled.
  4.   I am Dynamic.


The Question


GOD has laid down the exact duty and the Share of each Right Holder.


What is donation, daan or so-called charity?


The Answer

Any person making a so-called charitable donation of any kind is in violation of The Teachings.

A so-called charitable donation et cetera is nothing but a denial of the Right of one of the Rights holders.

A donation of any kind is giving the share of one or more Right holder to someone who is NOT entitled to receive from you.

PARAMATMA has given to each individual The LAW of The TENTH Part, which specifies your Duty towards the TEN Rights Holders.

HE has given One Right to every individual to think, plan, decide and act for himself or herself.

GOD has given you The FOUR Rules of Life, which enable you to live your life as you need.

Once your Duty has been specified, there is no scope for you to deviate from the demands of that duty.

GOD does not do charity, nor make donation or daan.

When you give a so-called donation or charity, you are stealing from one of the TEN Rights Holders.

You are in violation of The Teachings, causing harm to your own self.



When you beg, you are denying someone (needy one) who actually needs something.

When you beg, you are making another person deny his or her Duty towards GOD or The Teacher as laid down in The Teachings.

Begging is a sin because every individual has been given the resources to further his or her own interests.

Every individual has the Right to discover and carry out the Life Task of the Soul.

Every individual has the right to live in society and achieve social and personal goals during his or her passage through life.

You are required to earn for yourself and to keep your body healthy and fit.

In society, you are duty bound to contribute to the extent of your duty for the further ends of society.

When you donate, you take from a needy person; therefore, you are stealing.

Begging is a sin, which causes harm.

Therefore, giving to a beggar is a sin, which causes harm.


Charity/ Donation / Daan

There is a plethora of organizations involved in so-called charitable works around the globe.

Apparently, everybody is helping someone or the other.

Qn:  Does PARAMATMA do charity, make donations, or give daan?

Ans. PARAMATMA does not make donation, daan nor so–called charity.



Discover your duties for yourself.

Do not try to tell another about his or her duties.

Work to discover the Life Task of your own Atma.

Work to carry out the Task of your own Soul.

Do not steal from any Right Holder.

Deliver each Share to the correct Right Holder in sequence.

Do not beg.



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