The Teachings


GOD: “I have created and placed, in the physical universe, a large number of resources and facilities:

All for you

To use or abuse

To enjoy or destroy

As you will

Without let or hindrance”

Part 2

“Whatever gives you pleasure, you will get moreof”




The LAW of Consequences clearly states that each individual is responsible to use the resources and facilities that GOD has created and placed in the physical universe.

Use and abuse are defined in the Definitions.

Therefore, as long as I use the resources and facilities I can enjoy them.

If I abuse and destroy any of the resources and facilities that PARAMATMA has given to each one then that individual is responsible to live with the adverse consequences of such behavior.

GOD has created the resources and facilities that all human beings need for daily living on earth.

There are some individuals who abuse the given resources and facilities causing great harm to the environment and natural resources on earth.

On the other hand most inhabitants of the earth use a tiny portion of the resources and facilities according to their needs.

However, most societies abuse the available resources and facilities by indiscriminate mining, cutting of forests, exploiting water beyond legitimate needs and so on.

Every act of abuse comes within the purview of definition 3 of The LAW of Consequences wherein it is specifically stated that when it is a Duty and the doing of that duty is avoided, then it will lead to adverse consequences for that individual, group or society.

The GIFT is also known as The LAW of the Environment.

You are required to use only that much as you need.

You are required to protect and preserve the resources and facilities created by GOD for all Souls for the epoch.

It permits everyone to share from the common pool of resources that PARAMATMA has given us, according to need, and opportunity.

At the same time HE recognizes human nature, and is prepared to accept that some human beings will exploit more of the resources and facilities from nature than others.

GOD has stated clearly that every individual is responsible for the consequences of each action taken in the use or abuse of The GIFT, and shall be judged accordingly.



Everything pales with the passage of time.

Applies to relationships as well.

Relates to our own perceptions: We like softer colours, music

Every few years there is a shifting in perception and qualitative changes in relationship parameters

Pleasure may be qualitative or quantitative

GOD wants to see how each unique person will live.

Individual behaviour cannot be controlled.

In part 2 of The GIFT

GOD has given each one of us a ‘ psychological tool’ for use during one’s lifetime.

“Whatever gives you pleasure you will get moreof.”

This is a tool which enables me to analyze all my thoughts, dreams, plans, speech and actions and the actions of everyone else that I come in contact.

This analysis allows an individual to discover for himself or herself where and what gives pleasure and then to observe the self and  co-relate taking pleasure in some activity, be it internal or external.

Using this tool, it is easy for me to determine where I need to correct myself, and to avoid repeating the mistakes, actions, or behaviors of others.

This part of The GIFT allows the concomitant expansion cum extension of that pleasure through delivery of more of that activity.

GOD says that the greater my pleasure, or fear and apprehension, whether generated by outside action or due to internalization of something in my past, my present or my apprehensions of the future, the moreof that very thing I will get.


Observation of the Self

I need to create a small module of self-awareness within myself which I should then elevate above my body and tether it about 8-10 feet above my consciousness.

Using that module, I must monitor and observe my own self continuously to discover the sources of my pleasure.

The GIFT is given to each Atma at the time the Atma is placed in the specific body+mind for the journey through life in order to allow that Soul to work for Salvation.

HIS intention is that once an Atma starts enjoying working towards merger with HIM, that Soul will pass on the same pleasure to the body+mind which will enable both to work towards the common goal of Salvation.


Reality in the Physical Universe

Once a child takes birth, society in the form of parents, extended family, friends of the family, peers of the little one all get into the act.

Society can easily divert the body+mind in diverse ways to make the little person commit sins in the form of lies, denials, stealing, avarice and so on.

Every sin creates a layer, which goes upon and around the Soul

These layers by the little person build a crust around the Atma layer by layer starting the from fifth day of birth.

By age thirteen, the Soul is completely isolated by being enclosed within the crust.

Once the crust forms it isolates that Atma from any contact with the body+mind.

Once the Atma is isolated within the body+mind given to that Soul, then the responsibility for carrying out The Task given to that Atma devolves upon that body+mind.

At this stage, Part 2 of The GIFT, instead of being a vehicle for Salvation for the Soul, may become a means of self-inflicted pain on that body+mind.

If the body+mind gets pleasure from doing or committing a sin, it will lead that person to commit more sins.


Example 1

You may have come across some individual or individuals during your school or college days or otherwise in interaction during your life, who are capable of and fond of cracking jokes, being witty and amusing and bringing a laugh, smile or giggle to your lips at any time and at all times.

There would have been many instances where such a friend or acquaintance or colleague would crack jokes and make you clutch your stomach and sides exclaiming, ‘please stop, my stomach is painful. I cannot handle anymore.’ Such an individual would even in that eventuality would say, ‘please, let me tell you one more. You must hear this one to send you into paroxysm of laughter.’

Such an individual is deriving – pleasure for himself or herself through making other people laugh and thus his or her pleasure is enhanced by his or her ability to remember or in many a case create jokes and anecdotes on the go thus giving him or her ability to entertain his or her friends and strangers continuously.

Comment: Such an individual is deriving pleasure from amusing others and thus his ability to amuse other keeps getting enhanced through the operation of The GIFT.

Example 2

You may have come across another type of individual who is forever complaining about something or the other, about the misery or set of miseries she or he has been facing for such a long period of time.

Comment 1: Such an individual derives pleasure from making the other person feel distressed, miserable or sympathetic at the litany of the complainant.

Comment 2: For such an individual The GIFT operates to create miseries through his or her own actions.

Example 3

There would be another kind of individual who would divert your attention especially when you are doing something serious or important by introducing some actions or ideas totally out of context with what is being done.

Comment: such an individual derives pleasure by being a nuisance to another person and when confronted claims innocence that he or she was doing something without any intention to disturb you.

Example 4

There would be another kind of individual who would cry and play victim endlessly. Such an individual derives pleasure from the act of crying.

Comment: The GIFT operates to increase the opportunities for crying endlessly.

Example 5

There would be another kind of individual who would live in the past lamenting the fact that he or she has been unjustly dealt with by someone at different times in the past.

Comment: Such an individual derives pleasure from living in the past and cribbing. The GIFT operates to make that person miss the present and when the present becomes the past, he/she will have another opportunity to lament.

Example 6

There would be another kind of individual who has a complaint about everything whether in the present or past and if nothing else works, then the apprehensions about the future using the term- ‘what if?’

Comment: Such an individual derives pleasure from the mere act of complaining.

General Observations

  1. As may be observed from the example, there are many individuals who adopt such idiosyncratic behavior to seek attention.
  2. Seeking attention becomes the major pleasure giving item for such individuals and they do not realize what they are doing.
  3. When you start getting pleasure in doing something, then your GIFT operates to give you more of the pleasure giving item.


Identification of Some Resources

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Plants
    1. Trees
    2. Herbs
    3. Shrubs
    4. Grass
  4. Animals
    1. Herbivorous
    2. Carnivorous
  5. Soil
  6. Minerals
  7. Ores
  8. Metals
  9. Non metals
  10. Stars
  11. Planets
  12. Light
  13. Sound
  14. Food
  15. Cloth
  16. Gum
  17. Rubber
  18. Shade
  19. Milk
  20. Wool
  21. Silk
  22. Nutrients
  23. Chemicals
  24. Elements
  25. People(Society)
  26. Micro-organisms
    1. Bacteria
    2. Fungi
    3. Virus
    4. Protozoa
    5. Yeast
  27. Energy
    1. Solar
    2. Wind
    3. Sound
    4. Tidal
    5. Heat
    6. Hydro
    7. Mechanical
    8. Electrical
    9. Magnetic
    10. Nuclear
    11. Potential
    12. Cosmic
    13. Kinetic
    14. Chemical
    15. Biological
    16. Physical
    17. Sexual
    18. Mental
    19. Substance induced
    20. Spiritual
    21. Volcanic
    22. Hydraulic
    23. Hydrodynamic
  28. Rocks
  29. Volcanoes
  30. Mountains
  31. Forests
  32. Glaciers

Identification of Some Facilities

  1. The Teacher
  2. Parents
  3. Society
  4. Education
  5. Intelligence
  6. Unrestricted capabilities
  7. Understanding
  8. Infrastructure
  9. Economy
  10. Time
  11. Love
  12. Sympathy
  13. Comfort
  14. Care
  15. Empathy
  16. Humanity
  17. Inspiration
  18. Food
  19. Cloth
  20. Gum
  21. Rubber
  22. Shade
  23. Milk
  24. Wool
  25. Silk
  26. Nutrients
  27. Seasons
  28. Rivers
  29. Oceans
  30. Currents
  31. Gravity
  32. Atmosphere
  33. Fire
  34. Space
  35. Energy
  36. Stability
  37. Balance
  38. Environment
  39. Energy sink
  40. Waves
  41. Tsunamis
  42. Hurricanes
  43. Cyclones
  44. Environmental disasters

First form of energy created space so energy is resource and space is facility.

When energy is consumed, matter is created; hence energy is resource and matter is facility and vice versa.

Identification of some of the elements of  ‘whatever’ in Part 2 of The GIFT

  1. Gluttony
  2. Love
  3. Desire
  4. Hatred
  5. Ego
  6. Caring
  7. Laziness
  8. Pride
  9. Arrogance
  10. Vanity
  11. Comfort
  12. Discomfort
  13. Humanity
  14. Jealousy
  15. Sex
  16. Addiction
  17. Learning
  18. Education
  19. Inspiration
  20. Curiosity
  21. Friendship
  22. Rudeness
  23. Courtesy
  24. Respect
  25. Power
  26. Money
  27. Motherhood
  28. Fatherhood
  29. Sisterhood
  30. Brotherhood
  31. Lust
  32. Rage
  33. Frustration
  34. Tension
  35. Entertainment
  36. Fun
  37. Shopping
  38. Cruelty
  39. Empathy
  40. Motivation
  41. Fear
  42. Confusion
  43. Physical pain
  44. Worship
  45. Duty
  46. Singing
  47. Dancing
  48. Travelling
  49. Sports
  50. Music
  51. Playing instruments
  52. Sickness
  53. Obsession
  54. Alcohol
  55. Psychotropic substances
  56. Health issues
  57. Mental pain
  58. Emotional pain
  59. Melancholia
  60. Resentment
  61. Depression
  62. Regret
  63. Guilt
  64. Suicidal feelings
  65. Blame avoidance
  66. Bonding
  67. Low self esteem
  68. Narcissism
  69. Degradation
  70. Humiliation
  71. Humility
  72. Embarrassment
  73. Shame
  74. Insult
  75. Fame
  76. Fixation
  77. Sharing
  78. Pleasure
  79. Joy
  80. Happiness

The above are not complete lists, they have been included as examples for your better understanding.


The word ‘moreof’ is a device for Salvation.

You must use this psychological tool of Part 2 for your benefit all through your life.

Monitor yourself continuously.

Live objectively.

Carry out your Duties given in The Teachings.