The Teachings

A Partial Teaching on The Regulations for The Teachings

  1. All words within double quotation marks are direct from GOD and form part of The DIVINE Teachings.
  2. All words within brackets or in single quotation marks are part of The Teachings given by The Teacher in order to enable human beings to live and conduct their lives in Society in accordance with The DIVINE Teachings given by GOD.
  3. Seeking is important.
  4. Effort is important.
  5. Obedience is important. Obedience equals Love.
  6. Avoidance of self-inflicted loss of benefits available is important – it is the only form of self-inflicted injury.
  7. Keeping the personal ego under control is important.
  8. There is a Teaching on every aspect of life.
  9. Everything is Duty.
  10. Everything is Fun.



All references to PARAMATMA must be in capital letters.

Comment: This helps to differentiate which parts of The Teachings are from GOD and which parts are given by The Teacher.

The Teacher delivers the Teachings on behalf of GOD.

Comment: The Teacher has the means of Interpretation, Explanation and Application of The DIVINE Teachings to all aspects of Life in Society.

All comments are made by The Teacher to explain something immediately.

The Teachings including The Story enable every individual to live and function in Society, discover and carry out the Life Task of his or her Atma.

Whatever has been given by PARAMATMA, cannot be changed, modified or explained away by anyone.

Whatever has been given by The Teacher, may only be modified by The Teacher.

Every question is answered as a Partial Teaching.

All The Teachings have to be obeyed in the context laid down.


Exercising Self-Discipline is important

The Self-disciplined individual will discover and carry out all of his or her duties.

The Self-disciplined individual will Seek.

The Self-disciplined individual will make the Effort.

The Self-disciplined individual will Obey The Teachings.

The Self-disciplined individual will work to obtain all the Benefits that GOD has laid out for him or her.

The Self-disciplined individual will not allow his or her Ego to control his or her actions.

The Self-disciplined individual will ask questions and learn to live within The Way of Life given in The Teachings.

The Self-disciplined individual will accept the Responsibility to make the doing of his or her Duties Fun for himself or herself.