The Teachings

Articles of The COVENANT of The Last Few Words

Article 1

“When you leave my presence your time begins”


Simply put, this says that your time will run without interruption until the Messenger of GOD comes and taps you on the right shoulder. The Time and Reality Adjuster is stationed on your left shoulder.

Time here refers to the number of breaths allotted to the body+mind in which the Atma is about to be placed as his or her residence.
Each Atma earns the opportunity to go in for another passage through life at the completion of the allotted Joonis.

As soon as the Messenger taps the right shoulder, the Three Moments of Exit commence.

Comment 1: It is at that point in the conversation between GOD and the Atma that GOD gives time in the form of number of breaths to the body+mind given to that particular Soul.

Comment 2: The Atma is given that particular body+mind for the given number of breaths to enable the Soul to carry out the Task during Janam.

The Task can be carried out within that given time slot in the physical universe.
Time is counted in terms of the breaths given to the body.
Time is given to the body, which will end at the end of the given number of breaths.

There is a small bit of time while the Atma is in the foetus within the womb of the mother when the Atma is given an opportunity to establish control over the body+mind given to that Atma.
At the same time an Accountant, a Time and Reality Adjuster and a Life Recorder are set up.
A ledger is opened in the name of that Atma.
1,000,000,000 Blessings are placed in credit in the account of the Soul that are to be earned during Janam through the process of exchanging blessings with others using the physical body+mind given to that Atma.

Once the Atma has taken control of the given body+mind in a moment or two, PARAMATMA enquires of the Soul whether he or she has taken control over the given body+mind.
The Atma having done so readily replies in affirmative.

For the second time, GOD asks:
“Are you in control over your body+mind?
Are you satisfied with the body+mind you received?”

The Soul is thrilled with the freedom of having his or her own body and the opportunity to work for Mukti / Salvation.
Thus, the Atma immediately confirms that he or she is in full control over the body+mind and is satisfied with the body+mind given to him or her.

PARAMATMA asks for the third time:
“Will you be able to carry out your Task with the body+mind given to you?”

The Atma replies in the affirmative and expresses satisfaction with the given body+mind.

GOD says:
“Now, I will only come to confirm your reward when you have carried out your Task.”

The Soul settles down to enjoy his or her passage through heaven in the womb of the mother.

Life in the womb is a period of time in which the Atma lives in a body within the womb.
There is no need to breathe, eat, drink, to bathe, to pass urine or bowels. All is taken care of by the mother.
There is no noise, no heat, no rain, no cold and no clothes to restrict him or her and no need to deal with any external elements.
He or she lives, rests and plays as he or she wants to. The Atma and the body+mind are carefree during this period in heaven.