The DIVINE Teachings

Articles of The COVENANT of The Last Few Words


At the end of the interaction between GOD and Atma, before PARAMATMA places the Atma in the human body that will be his or her residence during Janam, GOD gives a Covenant to the Atma.
Each element of The Covenant is numbered and is known as an Article.
Each Article is mandatory for obedience by the Atma.
Therefore, every body+mind given to an Atma for Janam must learn and obey all The Articles as laid down.
Each Article carries huge benefits for all three the Soul, the body and for the mind or intelligence.

The Articles

1.    “When you leave my presence, your time begins”

2.    “When you leave my presence, I will put a cap at this end of the communication channel between us”

3.    “When you need me, you remember me by my Name  OMNMNKAAAR”

4.    “When you complete your Task, I will confirm your reward”

5.    “Should you forget, seek and you will find someone who will show you The Way”

6.    “For your convenient passage in Janam, I have laid down LAWS, Rules and  Principles of Life”

7.    “When you obey my LAWS, Rules and The Principles of Life, you will benefit”

8.    “When you need explanations, interpretations or applications of my LAWS, Rules and The Principles of Life, seek and  ask   The Teacher and follow The Teachings given by Him”

9.    “The Teacher is responsible for everything in the physical universe”

10.   “The Teacher is my first born and shall be my representative for this epoch from Creation till the Day of Knowledge”

11.   “The one who shall love and obey my son, The Teacher, shall receive my love”

12.   “The one who shall do everything as a duty towards me shall also be dear to me”

13.   “I have opened an account for you in which I have placed one billion (1,000,000,000) blessings for you to distribute during your passage through life”

14.   “When you complete your passage through life, you will be brought before my Chief Judge who shall take the accounting of your deeds and doings and pass such order as may be deemed fit in the facts and circumstances of your Janam”


  1.  Numbered (means order does matter).
  2.  Each Article is a duty (means mandatory for obedience).
  3.  Obey – Mandatory for every Atma and body+mind in Janam to carry out exactly as specified.
  4.  The Principle of Understanding says: “I do and I understand”.
  5.  I will achieve understanding slowly when I obey the Articles continuously for a long period of time.
  6.  Study the teaching on Obedience.