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The LAW of NO Miracles

“NO Miracles”


GOD created the universe through the application of two streams of Energy.

The First Energy created space for itself as it moved outwards in the form of a spiral from The RADIANCE.

The Second Energy also moving outwards in the form of a spiral touched or crashed into or intersected with the First Energy at various points at multiple times.

Depending upon the interaction of the two forms of Energy and different quantum of the energies consumed, matter was created from the lightest element to the heaviest element.

Science classifies different forms of matter into a Table of Elements.

The LAW of NO Miracles is also known as ‘The LAW of Science’

Comment: This LAW has only two words (“No Miracles”) in the full text.

The structure of science is based on The LAW of NO Miracles.

PARAMATMA did not want to be involved daily from moment to moment in the mundane running of every component of the universe.

The Act of Creation shows us clearly that GOD has created everything and laid down LAWS, Rules and Principles for all energies, all elements of matter, all forces, all operators so that every phenomenon works exactly in the same manner everywhere at all times.



These LAWS, Rules and Principles are collectively termed as science that has additional subsets: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and so on.

The LAWS, Rules and Principles of Science govern every single phenomenon in the physical universe from the moment of creation to the end of time.

Therefore, all the laws of physical science are valid, are applicable to and are obeyed by every physical phenomenon.

Every incident of interaction of different forms of energy and of different elements created in that process would be governed forever by those LAWS, Rules and Principles, by which the universe and all its elements behave, act, react and interact.

Therefore, every phenomenon must operate within the laws of science to remain within the domain of The CREATOR.

If any phenomenon apparently does not conform to the known laws, rules and principles of science, it implies that the corresponding science has not been discovered yet.

Rather than calling something a miracle, one could say, “Here is something for which there is no logical scientific explanation as of today.”

So-called miracles are simply unsolved logical scientific mysteries.

There can be no miracle because a miracle, by definition is a phenomenon outside the scope of laid down laws of science.

Therefore, a so-called miracle is an unsolved mystery of science when it refers to an actual physical repeatable phenomenon.

Hence, all so-called miracles can be classified under two headings:

  1. Those phenomenon whose science has not been discovered so far.
  2. Those phenomenon that are pure figments of someone’s imagination i.e. untrue or false.

Human beings down through the ages have knowingly and unknowingly observed and used the laws, rules and principles of science as laid down by GOD to study, to learn, to modify and to make progress according to their needs, wants and desires.

If an actual phenomenon is observed that does not conform to the laws of science, then it only means that the relevant law, rule or principle of science has not been discovered yet.


Societal Interference

Society and all the ‘isms’ through the ages have joined hands to corrupt this LAW by removing one word (“NO”) thus twisting it around.

This corruption of The LAW completely reverses the intent and purpose of The LAW of NO Miracles.

The political, social and so-called religious leaders of the religions have removed one word ‘NO’ from the heading and from the text.

That allows them to claim so-called miracles.

Religion is politics by other means and names.

If GOD wanted to perform miracles, then GOD would have created living beings to appear instantly, fully-grown and functional adults.

However, PARAMATMA makes the whole process of birth, growing up from fetus to adult and death, transparent and scientific, which is studied, and examined scientifically.

Scientists today using the LAWS given by PARAMATMA can modify and recreate genetically similar beings (artificial insemination, cloning et cetera).



GOD created the physical universe using HIS energy.

GOD laid down the laws, rules and principles collectively known as Science to regulate all aspects of functioning of physical phenomenon.

GOD has laid down The LAW of NO Miracles.

Societies try to corrupt the DIVINE LAW for their own ill defined ends.

Societies try to control people by denying them knowledge.

Every individual must remain on guard and use The FOUR Way Test at all times.



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