The Teachings


The LAW of Endeavour

“When you act to satisfy the needs, wants and desires of your body and mind, obey the requirements of The LAW of the TENTH Part”


The simple fact is that whatever you do; you must obey and fulfill the requirements of The LAW of the TENTH Part.

You are to make ten equal parts of all that you earn, acquire or receive.

These TEN Shares must be delivered to the TEN Rights Holders (GOD (through needy ones)); The Teacher (when Incarnate in a physical body); Mother; Father; Society; Service Providers; Child; Child; Spouse (Life Partner); Self.

All those who endeavour for success in any field shall be blest as long as they obey the dictates of The LAW of the TENTH Part.

When you act to fulfill the demands of your body, your senses, your mind in their needs, wants and desires, it is mandatory to obey the needs of your Soul.

The Gift given to each individual by GOD allows each one to use and enjoy all the available resources and facilities of the physical universe in his or her endeavour to satisfy his or her various needs, wants, and desires.

The GIFT prohibits and restricts each and every one of you from abusing the trust reposed in you by GOD by giving to each one all the resources and facilities of the physical universe.

The LAW of Endeavour allows an individual to set a goal for himself or herself in terms of what he or she wants to use for personal needs.

Thereafter, that person is required by The LAW to arrive at the nine other equal shares, which he or she must earn, acquire or create and give to each of the Nine Rights Holders before enjoying his or her own Share.


If I wish to use 1000 units of wealth or something else for my personal use every day, then I need to create nine other shares of 1000 units of wealth or that other and deliver to each of the TEN Right holders every day according to The LAW of the TENTH Part.

Thus, I must either earn, or acquire, or receive 10,000 units of that item of wealth et cetera every day so that I may use 1000 units personally.

The LAW of Endeavour applies equally, to what I earn, acquire or receive and what I need, want or desire.



Comment 1:  GOD has given me the freedom to do any and everything to satisfy myself in any and every way.

Comment 2:  However, I can only enjoy my success when I obey the mandatory provisions of The LAW of The TENTH Part.

Comment 3:  It is a common complaint I have heard over these past 40 years or so from a large number of people that: ‘although I have every comfort, yet I am not comfortable,’ that: ‘although I am rich but I am unhappy.’

Comment 4:  The reason for discomfort or unhappiness is simple, the individual is ignoring the mandate of The LAW of The TENTH Part as given in The LAW of Endeavour.