The Teachings

A Partial Teaching on the Record of Events at CREATION

Act of Creation

Part – I





GOD took out a large number of small identical elements from within the RADIANCE and said:

“These are my children”

Comment: In course of time, they have become known by various names, Atma, Soul, Rooh and so on.

GOD named each child starting with the First Born.

Having named the children, GOD told them:
“Go and play”
The answer was swift in coming:
“Where should we play?”
And, the next question came:
“With what shall we play?”

Comment 1: Every Atma is intelligent and aware.

Comment 2: The given name of each Atma is a very long and complicated enumeration and beyond the scope of knowledge to be shared with beings in Janam.

And, GOD released the First outward-moving Spiral of Energy from within HIMSELF.

As the First Spiral of Energy started moving away, it started creating Space for itself.

And, PARAMATMA released the Second outward-moving Spiral of Energy from within HIMSELF.



Whenever and wherever the two Energies – First and Second, touched each other or intersected with each other, Matter was created in the form of Elements and Energies were consumed in the creation of Matter.

And, different Elements of Matter were created with the Energies that had been consumed.
And, PARAMATMA laid down the LAWS, Rules and Principles for the different energies that GOD created and released.

Comment 1:   There is a continuous release of energy forming the First outward-moving Spiral, which creates space for itself as it continues to move away.

Comment 2:   Similarly, there is a continuous release of energy forming the Second outward-moving Spiral, which now touches and intersects the First Spiral at different points with different angles of impact.

Comment 3:   Each impact between the two Spirals of Energy consumes some energy from each.

Comment 4:   Depending upon the amount of energy consumed, different elements of matter with different properties and stability are created.

Comment 5:   GOD created the conditions for matter to be formed.

Comment 6:   Spirals of energized matter when created were thrown off at tangents to the points where the original Spirals of Energy touched.

Comment 7:   The elements of matter so created, being highly energized were in gaseous particle state.

Comment 8:   Elements of matter so created moved in Spirals away from the point of creation.

Comment 9:   GOD created all the elements from the lightest gas to the heaviest metal.



And, GOD laid down the LAWS, Rules and Principles for the different elements so created.

And, GOD created Forces to act on the different elements in various ways.

And, GOD laid down the LAWS, Rules and Principles for the functioning of the different Forces created to operate on the different elements.

And, GOD laid down the LAWS, Rules and Principles for the functioning of the different operators to enable the LAWS, Rules and Principles for the elements and Forces to become functional.

Comment 1:  In course of time, these outward-moving Spirals of energized gaseous matter started to cool down, coalesce and started to form gas clouds, galaxies and stars.

Comment 2: In course of time, the physical universe expanded and cooled to form planets, comets and so on.



And, GOD created conditions for the first forms of life, from out of the chemical soup of matter and energies as they cooled.

And, GOD laid down the Laws, Rules and Principles for the emerging life-forms.

And, GOD laid down the Laws, Rules and Principles of Evolution.

And, GOD laid down the Laws, Rules and Principles of Biology.

And, GOD laid down the Laws, Rules and Principles of Genetics.



Having created the conditions for life to come into existence, GOD turned towards the children:
“There, I have created a physical universe for you.
Now go and play.”

No reply was forthcoming.
Nor was there any movement from the children.

Comment: While GOD was creating the physical universe for the children, they were brooding.

And, GOD said:
“Go and play.
Make merry.
I have made all this for you.”

And, the reply came:
“No, we do not want to go and play.
We want to merge back into YOU.”

Comment: Every child of GOD (Atma) expressed his or her deep desire and need to merge back into GOD.

GOD repeated:
“No, no, children.
Go and play.”

For the second time the children refused:
“We do not want to play.
We want to merge back into YOU.”

For the third time GOD urged:
“Go and play.
Make merry.
Enjoy yourself.
Have fun.
Explore the wonders of the physical universe that I have created for you.”

Third reply:
“No, we want to merge back into YOU.”

Comment: The children stood firm on their demand.



And, GOD said:
You can merge back with me on one condition.”

Comment 1: GOD gave three opportunities to the children to go, play and enjoy the physical universe that GOD created for them.
Comment 2: GOD accepted the request of the children to merge back with The RADIANCE.
Comment 3: GOD created the First Condition.

The children replied:
“Tell us the condition.
We will fulfill it immediately.”

“No, that condition you will have to fulfill for me in the physical universe. Each one of you will have to carry out a TASK for me individually in the physical universe.”

Comment 1: One unique individual TASK is created for each Atma for the first time.
Comment 2: Each Atma has to carry out the TASK individually.
Comment 3: The TASK has to be carried out in the physical universe.

All Atmas:
“I accept.
Tell me my TASK!”



GOD said:
“No. The TASK that I will give you will be carried out in five small individual Life Tasks.”

Comment: Five small individual Life Tasks are created for each Soul.

“For each Life Task, I will give an opportunity (Janam), a physical body with its contained intelligence (body+mind) and a life-span (Time) to each one of you, individually, in the physical universe.”

Comment: GOD creates opportunity, a physical body+mind and a life span for the first time.

“You will be required to complete one Task before you can move on to the next.”

Comment 1: An Atma may carry out one Task in the first opportunity so given.
Comment 2: A Soul may take several opportunities to carry out one Task.



“All your deeds and doings in the physical body+mind specifically given to you shall be recorded at all times.”

Comment 1: GOD creates the conditions required for the recording and accounting of the deeds and doings of each Atma in the physical body+mind, when specifically given to that Soul for the passage through life.
Comment 2: GOD creates the conditions for an Atma resident in a specific body+mind to be held responsible for the actions of that body+mind on behalf of that Atma in that Opportunity(Janam).

“I will give you as many opportunities as you need and earn to carry out each Life Task.”

Comment 1: A Soul may use several opportunities or physical life spans to carry out one Life Task.
Comment 2: Each opportunity is to be earned by each Atma.



“At the end of each opportunity to carry out one Task, you will be brought before my Chief Judge.”

Comment: GOD nominates the Second Born as The Chief Judge with an independent Charter of Duties.

The Chief Judge shall take the accounting of your deeds and doings in the facts and circumstances of your individual passage in life.”

Comment: The Chief Judge will receive a complete record of the deeds and doings of each Atma while resident in the specific body+mind given for that passage in life.

“The Chief Judge shall pass such order as may be deemed fit in the facts and circumstances of your passage through life to enable you to earn the right to get another opportunity for a physical body+mind to work for Salvation.”

Comment 1: The Chief Judge is to take the accounting of the passage through life along with the facts and circumstances for that Atma.

Comment 2: GOD creates the Need for each Soul to earn the right for a new Opportunity to carry out the same Life Task, if not completed, or the next Life Task.
Comment 3: Each new Opportunity earned provides the Atma with another physical body+mind and time to carry out the Life Task.

“You can each individually work towards merger with me by completing your different Life Tasks sequentially.”

Comment 1: GOD places the responsibility for working towards Salvation on each individual Soul.
Comment 2: Each Life Task is to be carried out sequentially from Life Task 1 to Life Task 5.

All Atmas:
“I accept, I accept, I accept!” came from all around GOD, “Give me my First Task now.”



And, GOD created the conditions for the emergence of social life.
And, PARAMATMA laid down the LAWS, Rules and Principles of Life for the children to live in society.

And, GOD said:
“Should you forget the LAWS, Rules and Principles of Life for living in society, seek and ask The Teacher. Obey and follow The Teachings given by Him for He is my representative for this epoch.”

Comment 1: GOD nominated the First Born to be The Teacher.
Comment 2: GOD made The Teacher Responsible for everything during the epoch in the physical universe.
Comment 3: GOD gave the LAWS, Articles, Rules and Principles of Life to The Teacher.
Comment 4: GOD gave The Teacher the Means for Interpretation, Explanation and Application of The LAWS, Articles, Rules and Principles of Life.
Comment 5: GOD nominated The Teacher to be The Representative for this epoch.
Comment 6: GOD instructed The Teacher to prepare and be ready with a Teaching on everything in the physical universe.


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