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A Partial Teaching on Dishonour of Grant given to an Atma



Definition of Dishonour:

An Atma / Soul may be granted a Request during the audience with GOD.

Dishonour takes place when a Grant is disregarded, ignored, or denied by the body+mind.

Dishonour may be discovered at any stage during the lifetime in Janam and is definitely discovered at the stage of The Three Moments of EXIT.

Once the attention of that body+mind has been drawn to the given Grant, the Dishonour is greater.



If not discovered earlier, Dishonour is discovered to The Messenger by the Time and Reality Adjuster at the first stage of The Three Moments of  EXIT.


Effect of Discovery

During Janam

To Honour The Grants

When the body+mind is informed about his or her Grant(s) by The Teacher in Incarnation during Janam, then it becomes the absolute Duty of that body+mind to work tirelessly towards devoting himself or herself to the achievement and fulfillment of the given Grant(s) to the exclusion of everything else.

This is best done by seeking The Teacher in Incarnation and becoming a Candidate Shishya first and advancing on to become a Shishya.

The Seeker must worship GOD through the guidance and Blessings of The Teacher in Incarnation.

The rewards for carrying out the Grant(s) are life fulfilling.

Those Souls that have successfully carried out their Grant(s) are dear to The Teacher in Incarnation and therefore to GOD.


Dishonour of Grants

When a Grant is disregarded, ignored, or denied by the body+mind, it becomes an Act of Omission.

As an Act of Omission, it will result in non-beneficial or harmful effects.

Dishonour –> Doing –> Sin

Conclusion: Dishonour is a Sin

When a body+mind knowingly denies, avoids, disregards all or parts of the given Grant(s), he or she commits a sin for each such act of dishonour.

A new counter is started for each such sin for each element of each Grant so denied, avoided, ignored, or disregarded from the moment at which the Grant(s) was or were discovered to the Seeker.

Alternatively, the negatively running counters will be started from the date of puberty when each Grant is activated automatically.

The dishonour becomes greater when the said seeker makes a commitment to fulfil his or her Grants(s) and subsequently recants from his or her commitment(s).


During EXIT

If the body+mind neither discovers nor makes any attempt to discover his or her Grant during Janam, the Time and Reality Adjuster will inform The Messenger who will proceed as follows:

  1. The EXIT of the Atma from the body+mind is placed on hold by The Messenger
  2. The intelligence and the Accountant are both informed.
  3. The Accountant starts the number of negatively running counters equal to the number of moments from puberty, when each element of each of the Grant(s) was made active for such a Soul.
  4. The counters are allowed to run negatively at full speed till the First Moment of EXIT is achieved.
  5. The process of EXIT is allowed to proceed.


Frequently Asked Questions about The Grant(s) and Dishonour

Qn.   What efforts have you made to get in communication with your Atma to discover your grant?

Ans. None, because I was never taught that I, the individual have to do something for my Soul.

Qn.   So, how do you expect to know from within whether your Atma has been given a grant or not?

Ans. I can only come to know about my Grant(s) when my Atma is in control of my body+mind and tells the intelligence about the Grant(s).

Under the normal course of societal influence, the Atma is prevented from taking control of the body+mind.

Therefore, I may never come to know from within.

Qn.   How does a person know that GOD has given his or her Atma a Grant(s)?

Ans. The person who seeks and meets The Teacher in Incarnation will be informed by Him.

There may be occasions when The Teacher is not giving out The Teachings. In that case, He lives as an ordinary realised man in society.

On those occasions, the Grant(s) will be to Serve The Teacher. If you do not, you will deny the grant.

When the Atma has made a request to Serve The Teacher in Incarnation during the Teachings, then the benefits to the person carrying out such Grant(s) will be of higher magnitude.

When you refuse, deny, avoid, or disregard the given Grant(s), the number of counters running negatively will be greater.

The individual (body+mind) may discover the given Grant(s):

  1. When the Atma remains in control of the body+mind and can direct the body+mind to honour the Grant(s). This is contingent upon the Atma not being enclosed in a hard crust due to the sins of the body+mind.
  2. When the body+mind becomes a Seeker and comes in contact with The Teacher in Incarnation, the seeker will be enlightened by Him with the Name of GOD and the intelligence is informed about the Grant(s) given to his or her Atma.
  3. The individual remembers GOD through HIS name OMNMNKAAAR for a certain required period of time which enables the intelligence to learn The Life Task from PARAMATMA. Once The Life Task has been carried out, the Atma will be free to inform the intelligence of the Grant.


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