The Teachings

A Partial Teaching on the Importance to be given to the Words/Anecdotes told by Persons who have been or claimed to have been associated with The Teacher for Varying Periods of Time during the Incarnation



To date, no person or being who has been associated with the Incarnation of The Teacher has given up the old ways of thinking or behaving.

Therefore, the rule is hereby clarified that no importance lies in the words, text or claims of any individual who may have spent some time with the Incarnation.

There is no dynasty of the Incarnation.

Hence, no importance is to be given to any person claiming to be a relative by birth and blood.

In addition, no importance is to be given to any individual claiming to have been given any Teaching to the effect that would make him or her a successor to the Incarnation.

There will be NO succession of any kind to The Incarnation of The Teacher.

The Teachings are complete to the extent that they have been delivered during the lifetime of the Incarnation.

Every individual is liable for the consequences of his or her own acts.

Therefore, a person must be ready to face the consequences of his or her own actions if he or she uses The Teachings according to his or her own will.

No further explanations, interpretations or applications can be given by any person, group(s) of persons or by any authority of any kind once the Incarnation has passed on.

Every individual in Janam is hereby authorized to reject any further explanations, extensions, interpretations or applications of The Teachings as given by the Incarnation of The Teacher once the Incarnation passes on.


The LAW of NO Miracles

“NO Miracles”

Everyone must obey The LAW of NO Miracles at all times everywhere in the physical universe. The Definitions given in The Teachings are for the application of The LAW.



No person may create an impression by any means whatsoever that The Teacher has performed any miracle during the lifetime of the Incarnation.

The Teacher is the Atma resident in the body of the Incarnation, which has been given to The Teacher for the purpose of placing The Teachings before human beings so that they may live in society and at the same time follow The Path laid down in The Teachings.


The LAW of Consequences

“When you act, it is your responsibility to live with the consequences of your actions for the rest of your life”

The Teacher using the body given to Him in the form of the Incarnation has lived in many places, met and interacted with large numbers of people.

Incarnation of The Teacher has given parts of The Teachings to a large number of people who have sat with Him to study and discover The Way of Life.

Not all of the people who have received bits and parts of The Teachings from the Incarnation have lived on The Way of Life as shown to them.

Some of them have even requested the Incarnation to be Candidate Shishyas and after varying periods of time, have given up The Way of Life.

Some people have served the Incarnation in myriad ways and some have performed some of the duties according to The LAW of The TENTH Part.

However, no one is above the LAW and no one is permitted to give his or her version of anything that the Incarnation may have said or done as a part of The Teachings.

No one is permitted to represent any event in the life of the Incarnation as a form of The Teachings and any such version or representation by anyone is barred.

Therefore, The Teachings are The Universal Law for all beings in Janam.

The Teachings that are being delivered now during the presence of The Teacher in the Incarnation are the only authority for all beings in the physical universe.

The Teachings will be disseminated through all means of communication available during the lifetime of the Incarnation and as future means of communication become apparent and available.

No other text, event, phenomenon or claim of any kind about The Teachings or the Incarnation is to be accepted by any being in Janam from this day forward.


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