The Teachings

Didi Kamlesh

The Lady Who Served GOD Through The Teacher in Incarnation

In early 2003, PARAMATMA decided to personally visit the earth in the body of HIS Son – The Teacher in Incarnation. HE instructed HIS Son in the incarnation to prepare the body+mind given to Him to receive a tiny element of GOD for an initial period of 33 days.

The Teacher in Incarnation carried out the processes necessary to receive an element of PARAMATMA in His own body.

The Teacher explained the process to Didi and also to several other Candidate Shishya. It was explained that here was a chance for them to serve GOD directly. However, the others did not avail the opportunity due to fear or otherwise whereas Didi served PARAMATMA in the body+mind of The Teacher.

The Teacher instructed Didi that he would be in total silence throughout the period of the visit and that He will be in Maun-Vrat. There was to be no cooking during the period of 33 days, hence shut down the kitchen.

Didi was told that He would not consume any cooked or solid food. Only liquid diet with raw vegetables, sprouts, fruits could be pureed so that they could be consumed as a liquid. No additives of any kind were permitted for taste or flavour.

The Teacher also instructed Didi that the presence of GOD in HIS physical manifestation would increase the temperature of the body considerably. Therefore, she would need to arrange for blocks of ice to be delivered to the house so that the ice cold liquid food could be given to the body in order to help absorb the thermal impact.

The Event

All preparations were completed by the end of April and the body+mind of The Teacher was ready to receive GOD.


On the first day of May 2003, GOD entered the body of The Teacher in HIS physical Incarnation with a tiny element for an initial period of 33 days.


In the words of Didi: “When I entered the dining room, it was a few minutes before 7 a.m. I immediately felt the heat in the room radiating from Guruji.

Without talking, Guruji indicated to me that I should give Him something to drink. I prepared a jug of cold milk shake thinking that it will last for some time. However, Guruji kept drinking and the jug was emptied in no time.

Guruji indicated that He needed more and when I was making the second batch, He indicated that I should put in more ice cubes to make it colder. The second jug was also consumed in no time at all.

From my previous experience with Guruji, I was amazed by this because till then Guruji never even drank cold water from the fridge but He was drinking ice cold liquids then as if they were at room temperature.

At 10 o’clock, I again prepared another batch of puree containing sprouts, salad, cucumber et cetera. Once again, two full jugs were consumed in no time at all.

At around 1 pm, I made some fresh vegetable purees with salads, bitter-gourd and squash. No condiments were to be used. A jug of mixed fruit puree was also made. At 4 pm, I made a puree out of melons. Again at 7 pm, it was a vegetable and fruit puree; always varying the ingredients of the mix. Last batch was prepared at 10 pm. He never spoke a word but I could sense that He was talking to PARAMATMA internally.“

Daily Routine and Health

“Guruji used to walk the corridor of the house up and down. All the fans were always switched on and a block of ice was kept in front a pedestal mounted air circulating fan pointed at Guruji. He slept at night from 10:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m.

I was always busy making all kinds of mixed shakes and mixes for Guruji. I had two fruit and vegetable sellers delivering fresh fruits and vegetables daily. The iceman was delivering two slabs of ice, morning and afternoon every day. I was using six to eight bottles of filtered water kept in the fridge every day for Guruji.

I used to keep one ice slab in the living room and half of the second slab in His bedroom. Half a slab was used to chill everything.

Both refrigerators were used to make ice cubes. I hired a commercial ice cube delivery service for dispatching ten kilograms of ice cubes every day from the second day. I found that it was not possible to cater to the ice cube requirement within the home.

I used to cook for my family late at night.

His body performed all its functions in spite of being at an elevated temperature all the time. Guruji was bathing with ice cold water twice and sometimes three times in 24 hours.

I could not approach nearer to Guruji than 5 or 6 feet as He was so hot. I could feel intense heat radiating out of His Body at all times. I would place the jugs full of the mix on the dining table and Guruji would drink them up in no time at all.

Other than the intense heat radiating from His body, Guruji was in good health and alert at all times.”

Initial Period and Extension

During the preparatory stage, GOD had indicated that HE would stay for 33 days with The Teacher.

On the 30th day, GOD decided to extend HIS visit by another 9 days with The Teacher in His body.

Guruji informed Didi through hand signals that the Maun-Vrat would continue for 9 more days and would extend up to June 11.

Accordingly, Didi made preparations to continue with the feeding and caring for GOD in the body of Guruji for an additional period of 9 days up to June 11, 2003.

When GOD visited The Teacher on earth, it was only Didi who was brave enough to serve HIM.

The Exit

GOD left the body of The Teacher sometime during the night 11 June 2003.

The Vardaan or The Blessing

GOD told The Teacher that Kamlesh, who had served HIM without fear, should always be respected and be addressed with an honorific. Accordingly, The Teacher started addressing her with the title Didi.

Didi Kamlesh

She will be known as the honorary sister of the Teacher in Incarnation and be addressed as Didi Kamlesh or simply Didi.


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