The Teachings

Articles of The COVENANT of The Last Few Words

Article 2

“When you leave my presence, I will put a cap at this end of the communication channel between us”


When an Atma appears before PARAMATMA, a long conversation takes place between them during which GOD gives one Task to the Atma.
There is no restriction or specification about time, date, place or methodology of carrying out the given Task.
Atma will decide all these things.
GOD wants you to carry out the Task during that Janam.

An Atma is given a body.

When GOD says:
When you leave my presence, your time begins”,
PARAMATMA allots a number of breaths to that body so that the Soul may carry out the Task.
The Atma can carry it out at any time in his or her life in the given body.
It is entirely his or her responsibility to decide.

If there is any interference, the Atma may not be able to carry out the given Task.
Therefore, GOD has decided that there will be no interference of any kind to provide the Atma the freedom to decide when to carry out the given Task.
GOD does not intervene in any life at any time during Janam because that may interfere with the person while he or she is carrying out the Task.

The giving of the Task by GOD to the Atma amounts to a contract between them.

A contract has certain elements:

  1. An offer.
  2. An acceptance.
  3. Specific compensation or consideration and specified in advance.
  4. Opportunity to carry out the Task.

All these conditions are fulfilled in the case of GOD giving a Task to the Soul.
At the successful conclusion of the Task, the Atma is entitled to the specified compensation.
At any time during the pendency of the Task, either party may withdraw subject to notice, or the party formulating the contract (GOD) may (at any stage) accept and/or declare that the Task has been carried out.

This declaration or acceptance may be deducible from certain actions and one of those could be the appearance of GOD or interference at any stage during the pendency of the Task, thus giving rise to a claim for the specified reward.

If at any time, GOD appears, says, offers or conveys any kind of assistance or anything that may be construed as a hindrance before the completion of the Task by the individual concerned, then the Atma resident within that body could have a tenable claim for the reward without actually carrying out the Task.

That would be unjust towards the other Souls who have also accepted and carried out their individual Task.
Hence, GOD never interferes with any Atma once he or she has been given a body+mind capable of carrying out the Task during Janam.

From the moment when the Atma leaves the presence of PARAMATMA onwards, the Atma will have no interference of any kind from either GOD or anyone else.
To ensure this, PARAMATMA puts a cap on HIS end of the communication channel.
With the cap in place, no one will be able to disturb the Atma during his or her passage through Janam.

Through this Article, GOD has laid down a procedure for the use of the body by every Atma to establish contact with PARAMATMA.

GOD does not need or want to disturb you during your passage in life.

The Atma has the right to work for Salvation undisturbed during the time given as part of the earned opportunity.
No Atma is to be prevented from fulfilling his or her contract using the body given to that Soul.

Carrying out the Task is the only aspect of the Atma’s existence, which will help the Soul move forward on the Path to Salvation.
The consideration in the form of a reward on the movement towards Salvation/Mukti/Moksha is beyond contemplation.

Therefore, you must understand that there is no pre-ordained destiny or fate for the body and its included intelligence.
You must understand that the Atma is the master of the body and its included intelligence for the journey during Janam.

When a person commits sins with his or her body+mind, he or she wraps layers of dirt around his or her own Atma.
In course of time, the sins one commits and consequently the deposition of layers are so many that the Soul gets isolated within the body into a hard crust.
Thereafter, the body+mind has to take the responsibility of carrying out the given Task on behalf of the Atma.

This cap can only be opened by the Atma or by the body+mind from the other side by filling it with virtual spheres of Spiritual Energy generated by body+mind by remembering PARAMATMA through the recitation of OMNMNKAAAR.

The virtual communication channel can only be filled by reciting OMNMNKAAAR.
Cap on the communication channel is a one-way cap; that is the cap can be opened from only the side on which Atma or body+mind is present.

When the communication channel is filled with the virtual spheres of Spiritual Energy by reciting OMNMNKAAAR, the intelligence will appear before GOD to request for The Task of the Atma.

This communication channel is for the exclusive use of the Atma or body+mind to establish connection with GOD.


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