The Teachings

Articles of The COVENANT of The Last Few Words

Article 3

“When you need me you remember me by my name OMNMNKAAAR”


GOD has advised the Atma that whenever you need something, you must remember me by reciting OMNMNKAAAR.

Along with that bit of advice, PARAMATMA offers each one a Covenant, a promise, a contract in these words:

“When you remember me by my name OMNMNKAAAR, then, I will come there to satisfy your need.”

GOD has not defined what need you may want to satisfy.

It is entirely your right to decide what may be a want, a desire or a need.

The words used by GOD are simple and direct.

There is no requirement, prohibition or prescription on anything, for example HE does not tell you:

  1. What clothes you should wear or not wear.
  2. What to eat or not to eat.
  3. When or how many times to eat.
  4. Where and how you live.
  5. Whether you bathe or not.
  6. What kind of work you do.
  7. What to think or speak.
  8. What kind of relationships you make and keep.

All that GOD has said is – “Remember me when you need me”.

In effect, HE is offering each one an unlimited constant benefit of access to HIM.

When you remember HIM through HIS Name, GOD has promised to come to you and give you one Kann of HIS Blessings on each of your needs.

One Kann may be conceptualized as being equivalent to one Nano particle.


You may need to discover the  Life Task of your own Atma.

Whenever the Atma or the intelligence realizes the need to discover the Life Task, the way forward is through the repetition and recitation of OMNMNKAAAR.

You may adopt to do either Japp or Dhyaan and thus discover the Life Task of your Atma.

In Article 2, GOD has placed a cap on the communication channel between the Soul and PARAMATMA.

There is a unique dedicated communication channel between PARAMATMA and each Atma, which can only be used by that individual.

This dedicated communication channel can be filled with virtual spheres.

These virtual spheres are created when an individual does Japp or Dhyaan and he or she earns one Kann of Spiritual Energy with each repetition of OMNMNKAAAR.

Depending upon the intensity with which you remember GOD and the effort you put in, you will fill the communication pipe between you and GOD through the virtual spheres of the Nanoparticles of spiritual energy generated through your effort.

Once the communication channel is filled up and the virtual spheres touch the inner side of the cap on that channel, one additional repetition of OMNMNKAAAR will lift the cap and the intelligence will appear before PARAMATMA.

GOD is waiting for this event and as soon as the intelligence part of the body+mind of an Atma appears and requests for his or her Life Task, GOD says, “Here is the Life Task of your Atma for this Janam.”

Thereafter, the intelligence can direct the body to carry out the Life Task of the Atma resident within.



The Problem

Sometimes, irrelevant questions are asked of The Teacher.

On several occasions, the individual who asks such a question wants to know if he or she can pose that question before GOD when he or she would appear before PARAMATMA on filling up of his or her communication tube.

The Answer

Certainly, you have the right to ask any question to GOD.

Therefore, you can pose your question to GOD.

However, remember that your intelligence can only pose ONE question to PARAMATMA in one appearance.

Do you want to discover the Life Task of your Atma or do you want to waste that opportunity to ask some irrelevant question, which may not even be permitted because it may violate the validity parameters?

Once you have asked or presented your question to GOD, you will have lost that opportunity to discover the Life Task of your Soul.

It is entirely your Responsibility to decide whether you want to discover the Life Task of your own Atma or waste that opportunity.


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