The Teachings

The Requirements for The Teachings

These Requirements are essential to an understanding of and Interaction with The Teachings.

  1. The Teachings describe the journey of an Atma through Janam and Joonis.
  2. The Teachings are interactive.
  3. The more you immerse yourself, the more you will learn.
  4. Within The Teachings, there are a large number of loose ends called ‘danglers’.
  5. It is your responsibility to identify these danglers.
  6. You are responsible to discover the facts behind each dangler through The Teacher.
  7. Each dangler will lead you to another facet of The Teachings.
  8. The more numbers of times you read and practice the Teachings, more questions you will be able to ask which will bring you more Teachings from The Teacher.
  9. The Teachings allow human beings to live and conduct their lives in the physical world in society.
  10. The Teachings are in accordance with The DIVINE Teachings.
  11. There is a Teaching on every aspect of life.
  12. The Way of Life is the practical application of The Teachings by individuals living in society.
  13. The more of The Teachings that you read, learn, adopt and live according to, the better your personal life.
  14. The Teachings are always Positive.
  15. The Teachings are Self-Enabling.
  16. The Teachings are Dynamic.
  17. You are Responsible for the consequences of your actions.
  18. I must interact with The Teachings until they become My Teachings.
  19. Obedience to The LAWS, Rules and The Principles of Life laid down by GOD is only possible through ‘Total Obedience’ to The Teachings.


Comment 1: The Way of Life given by GOD is to be found by living according to and in compliance with The Teachings given by The Teacher.

Comment 2: As you learn, understand and adopt every element of The Teachings and start living according to The Way of Life as laid down in The Teachings, you will make progress in all planes of existence.

Comment 3: Learning is wonderful because each facet will bring you a new Teaching.

Comment 4: The Teacher shall deliver more Teachings on different questions as you ask Him.