The Teachings

The Regulations for The Teachings

A Partial Teaching on Regulation 5

Obedience is important. Love equals Obedience.




‘A burning desire to fulfill an unquenched thirst within me that can only be satisfied by that ‘something’.

The Need of the Atma is to carry out the Life Task given to it.

The Soul agreed to carry out that Life Task for GOD.

GOD gave a specific body+mind to that Atma for that specific Janam to enable that Soul carry out the agreed upon Life Task.

Once an Atma enters the physical universe in the given body+mind, there is only one aim or goal (a need) to carry out the Life Task.

For the Atma, nothing else matters.

For the body+mind, society has introduced the want of physical and mental pleasures as so-called needs.


To do as laid down by LAW and Rule.

To accept as given.

To observe the procedure and process as laid down.

Dutiful or submissive compliance.

Obey and you will get benefit.

Submit and surrender to GOD through The Teacher.

To trust is to obey.

Obedience is to hear and act accordingly.

Motivation for obedience is love and trust.

Give your being to GOD.

The Teachings are the way to worship Him.

Love GOD and obey The Articles.

Obedience and submission is better.

Conformity to a monastic rule or the authority of The Teacher especially on the part of one who has vowed such conformance.

Obedience to the rule or authority that exacts such conformance.

Submission, subservience, deference.

The state or quality of being obedient.

Obedience is a choice between our limited knowledge and the unlimited knowledge and power of PARAMATMA.

GOD has given us the Articles for our benefit.

The Articles are loving instructions for our happiness and for our physical and spiritual well-being.

When we obtain any benefit from PARAMATMA, it is by obedience to that LAW upon which it is predicated.

When you obey the LAWS, Rules, and the Principles of Life, as set out by GOD, you will benefit.

If you do not follow them, GOD does not impose any penalty nor does he punish you.

The benefit is directly proportional to the degree of obedience.

I need to remember the Name OMNMNKAAAR.

I need to earn Ashirwad.

I need to obey all The LAWS, The Articles, The Rules, The GIFT, The Universal Truths, and The Teachings.

I need to exercise my Right in accordance with The Teachings.

I need to prepare The THREE Requests for my Atma for the next Janam.

I need to ensure that none of my actions cause harm or loss to any Atma, or another being in his or her body+mind,  passing through Janam in the past, the present or the future.


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