The Teachings

Articles of The COVENANT of The Last Few Words

Article 8

“When you need explanations, interpretations or applications of my LAWS, Rules and The Principles of Life, seek and ask The Teacher and follow The Teachings given by Him”


GOD has given The DIVINE Teachings for the better conduct of human society.

HIS aim is to enable maximum number of Atmas achieve Salvation.

When an Atma or body+mind requires an explanation, an interpretation or an application of the LAWS, Rules and The Principles of Life, he or she is advised to seek The Teacher who will answer every question in the form of a Teaching.

The Teacher delivers the Teachings on behalf of GOD.

There is a Teaching on every single aspect of life.

The Way of Life consists of all The Teachings given by The Teacher.

No one is permitted to modify, add to or subtract from The Teachings given by The Teacher.

Seeking is important and it is the search for The Teacher.

The Teachings allow human beings to live and conduct their lives in the physical world in society.

The Teachings enable a human being to devote time and effort towards Salvation of his or her Atma.

As clearly laid down in Article 8, The Teachings given by The Teacher are the only valid interpretations allowed for human beings to use during their own life spans as individuals, as members of a family and as part of society.

There is a Teaching on every single aspect of life for individuals, for families, for society at all times in all situations under all circumstances.

All the laws created by different societies for their smooth functioning must be in consonance with The Teachings.

When you have a question, seek and find The Teacher; go to Him and ask pose your question to The Teacher.

You will receive an answer to your question; you must be patient and wait for the Teaching.


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