The Teachings

A Partial Teaching on Ego




  1. Ego is a complete filter.
  2. It filters (distorts) everything that a person.
    1. Sees
    2. Hears
    3. Tastes
    4. Smells
    5. Feels
    6. Thinks
    7. Fears
    8. Expects
    9. Hopes
    11. Dislikes
    12. Desires
    13. Wants, etc.
  3. It positions itself on the nose of the individual and covers all his or her faculties like a huge balloon.
  4. It makes the individual perceive everything in a different manner.
  5. It replaces the will of the individual with its own artificial construct.
  6. It is emotional.
  7. It is not rational.
  8. It is not based on logic.
  9. It is non-scientific.
  10. It does not accept reasoning.
  11. It is self – important.
  12. It is self – centered.
  13. It is fragile.
  14. It takes offense instantly.
  15. It dislikes to give away.
  16. It is argumentative.
  17. It is aggressive.
  18. It is cowardly.
  19. It is a bully.
  20. It is judgemental.


Created by Society

It is a creation of society, which has no interest in my Salvation. Therefore, society teaches me to look at everything through eyes and other senses with mistrust and fear.

Neither society nor ego has any interest in my welfare, it is just there.

It isolates me from my Soul — otherwise I would follow The Teacher and The Teachings to seek union or Salvation with GOD.

It tries to makes me believe that it is me, who is talking and taking decisions but it is not.

The Path of Light is closed to me by my own ego.

“Me” is ego, relating to the mind and physical body.


Pride and Ego

“Pride goeth before a fall.”

Pride boosts our ego and vice versa

If, for instance, you feel proud of a piece of woodwork you have made, are you proud of your teacher who taught you carpentry?

By doing the job well, do you show respect to the person who taught you the skill, or do you claim it all for yourself?.

Ego filters our eyes, ears, etc. and makes our thought processes different.

It prevents me from sharing respect and carrying out my Duty towards the other Nine Right Holders under the LAW.

Pride motivates – so is good.

Bragging is not a good way to be proud; it is an expression of my ego.

It makes you seek appreciation – makes you expect payment – a commercial transaction.

It modifies, changes, reverses, freezes, destroys our thought and action processes quantitatively, qualitatively and perceptually in unknown or unknowable directions.

It acts as a complete filter in front of our eyes, ears, other sensory organs, and the brain while creating choices, making decisions,  initiating actions, et cetera.


To Reduce or Remove Ego

Learn and live in The Teachings.

The FOUR Rules of Life and The LAW of The TENTH Part show you The Way.

Submit and Surrender to The Teacher to learn and live in humility.


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