The Teachings

Articles of The COVENANT of The Last Few Words

Article 10

“The Teacher is my first born and shall be my representative for this epoch, from Creation till the Day of Knowledge”


GOD has nominated his First Born Atma as The Teacher.

PARAMATMA has nominated The Teacher to be HIS representative from Creation until the Day of Knowledge, which would be the last day of the epoch.

A representative exercises all the authority of the appointing authority – in this case GOD.

Therefore, authority exercised by The Teacher flows to Him directly from PARAMATMA.

This Article, thus tells us that whenever one needs to talk to GOD, one talks to The Teacher.


Note on Article 9 and Article 10 Read Together

PARAMATMA has made The Teacher responsible for everything in the physical universe through the mandate of Article 9.

It is clear that when someone is given a responsibility, then he or she must be given the requisite authority to be able to carry out his or her duties adequately.

GOD has given the required authority to The Teacher by making Him the representative in HIS place during the epoch.

PARAMATMA has given The Teacher the freedom to exercise His authority for the whole epoch without any restrictions on how, when and where The Teacher may exercise His authority.

Thus, we see the perfect example of responsibility coupled with adequate authority and the freedom to exercise that authority when needed.


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