The Teachings

The Regulations


A Partial Teaching on Regulation 1

All words within double quotation marks are direct from GOD and form part of The DIVINE Teachings.


All references to PARAMATMA / GOD / VIDHATA / SUPREME BEING / THE CREATOR must be in block capitals at all times.

GOD has told us in HIS own words that OMNMNKAAAR is HIS name and it is only through the recitation of OMNMNKAAAR that you may remember HIM.

The DIVINE Teachings are words spoken by PARAMATMA directly from HIS own mouth.

All words spoken by PARAMATMA must always be quoted within double quotation marks.

No words spoken by GOD and forming part of The DIVINE Teachings can be changed by anyone.

The words of PARAMATMA are always known as The DIVINE Teachings.

The DIVINE Teachings include The DIVINE LAWS, Articles of The COVENANT of The Last Few Words, The GIFT, The DIVINE Rules and The Principles of Life.

Comment 1: No one is permitted to use an apostrophe with the name of GOD in any way.

Comment 2: GOD is to be addressed and written in capital letters; using small letters is disrespectful and is a violation of The Teachings.