The Teachings

The Regulations

A Partial Teaching on Regulation 2

All words within brackets or in single quotation marks are part of The Teachings given by The Teacher in order to enable human beings to live and conduct their lives in Society in accordance with The DIVINE Teachings given by GOD.


As clearly laid down in Article 8 of A Last Few Words, The Teachings given by The Teacher are the only valid interpretations, explanations and applications permitted for human beings to use during their own life spans as individuals, as members of a family, and as part of society.

There is a Teaching on every single aspect of life for individuals, for families, for society at all times in all situations under all circumstances.

All laws created by different societies for their smooth functioning must be in consonance with The Teachings.

The Teacher delivers The Teachings on behalf of GOD.

Comment 1: The Teacher has the means of Interpretation, Explanation and Application of The DIVINE Teachings to all aspects of Life in Society.

Comment 2: All comments are made by The Teacher to explain something immediately.


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