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The LAW of The TASK

“The TASK is Supreme”



In the Act of Creation, the first reference to the TASK goes:

“No, that condition you will have to fulfill for me in the physical universe. Each one of you will have to carry out a TASK for me individually in the physical universe.”
Comment 1: One unique individual TASK is created for each Atma for the first time.
Comment 2: Each Atma has to carry out the TASK individually.
Comment 3: The TASK has to be carried out in the physical universe.

All Atmas:
“I accept.
Tell me my TASK!”

GOD said:
“No. The TASK that I will give you will be carried out in five small individual Life Tasks.”


Each Atma is required to carry out one unique TASK to qualify for Salvation.

The TASK for each Soul is further sub-divided into five smaller individual Life Tasks.

Each small Life Task can be carried out in one Janam.

Therefore, the TASK can be completed in a minimum of five Janams.

The TASK is revealed to the intelligence when the body+mind of the Soul, which is resident in that body+mind, makes the required effort to present the mind (intelligence) in front of GOD.

The TASK takes precedence over everything else.

GOD is interested in you carrying out The TASK in the least number of Janams.

On completion of The TASK, the Soul becomes eligible for Salvation.


From the Act of Creation, we know that all the Souls decided to refuse the offer made by GOD to go and enjoy themselves in the creation HE had made for them.

Instead, they wanted to merge back with PARAMATMA.

After three refusals, GOD accepts their request and imposes a condition stating that they have to individually carry out one TASK for HIM to become eligible for Salvation.

That condition is known as the TASK.

Each TASK is unique and is further subdivided into five smaller units known as Life Tasks.

Each small Life Task is capable of being carried out in one Janam.

Each of these smaller sub-units have to be carried out by the body+mind after the said body+mind is aware of the Life Task per se.

Thus, one should take note that carrying out the five individual Life Tasks leads to the earliest completion of the TASK.