The Teachings

A Partial Teaching on Darshan of GOD


Everybody wants to have a darshan (meeting with, face to face) of GOD.

However, to have darshan, it is necessary that the person wanting darshan, should make the effort.

PARAMATMA has made it very simple for anybody and everybody to make the effort.

Just remember HIM by the sounds of HIS Name OMNMNKAAAR

GOD has said: “If you need me remember me by my name OMNMNKAAAR”

If I need HIS darshan, then I must recite HIS Name OMNMNKAAAR

Start doing that from today itself.



And so on and on, you can keep repeating OMNMNKAAAR while you are bathing, washing clothes, cooking, cleaning, dusting, driving, walking, etc.

When you write OMNMNKAAAR, please use block capital letters as I have used.

Every repetition counts, and every minute remembering HIM counts.

To get to the stage of darshan, one has to make the effort himself or herself.

The FOUR Rules of Life

  1. I Am Responsible.
  2. I Am Positive.
  3. I Am Self – Enabled.
  4. I Am Dynamic.

It is clear that when I want darshan, it is my responsibility to make the effort for myself.

The LAW of NO Miracles


In Hindi, we say ‘Chamatkar Nahin’

Therefore, if I want darshan of GOD then I have to make the effort, no one else can make the effort on my behalf, and get me darshan of PARAMATMA.

Because darshan, through another person’s effort, would amount to a miracle, or chamatkar, which as you see is not permitted under The LAW.

I, The Teacher, can help by giving or sharing with you the Gyaan or Knowledge, for you to understand and work towards that goal.

The effort has to be yours.

Only the ones who makes the effort will come face to face with GOD.

HE will not send you back empty-handed (ergo The GIFT).

To meet GOD, do Japp of HIS Name: OMNMNKAAAR


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