The Teachings

The Right

A Derived Right to Privacy


GOD has given to every individual One Right

Consisting of

THREE Freedoms:

  1. Freedom of Choice.
  2. Freedom of Decision.
  3. Freedom of Action.

Comment 1: Freedom of Choice and Freedom of Decision are exercised by an individual inside his or her brain.

Comment 2: The exercise of the Freedom of Choice and Freedom of Decision are entirely private to an individual.

Comment 3: The Right thus includes the Right to disclose, share or reveal whatever the individual may be thinking of or about and planning inside his or her brain.

Comment 4: The Right to reveal, share or disclose his or her thoughts and plans at a time, place and circumstance is an essential element of The Right.

Comment 5: The Right includes the Right to withhold anything or everything that the individual is thinking or planning.  

Comment 6: The Right to Privacy extends to the sharing or withholding the rationale and reasons for the thoughts and plans of an individual.

Comment 7: The Right to Privacy gives to every individual Freedom to Decide every single act that he or she may plan to do or not to do in the near or distant future.

Comment 8: The Freedom to Decide for himself or herself is to be exercised by that individual inside his or her brain, which is entirely private to that individual.

Comment 9: When an act is initiated by an individual according to his or her Decision, it brings that individual into the domain of public scrutiny and immediately imposes a responsibility under The LAW of Consequences.


The Derived Right to Privacy

The Right contains within itself The Right to Privacy.

The Right to Privacy is derived from the reading of The Right.

Comment 1: The Right to Privacy is the right to maintain secrecy of his or her thoughts and plans.

Comment 2: The Right to Privacy is given to every Atma entering Janam.

Comment 3:  The Right to Privacy extends to the body+mind given to the Atma for that Janam.

Comment 3: The Right to Privacy is respected by GOD as HE does not read the thoughts of any individual.

Comment 4: An individual on his or her own behalf will exercise the Right to Privacy because that individual is responsible under The LAW of Consequences.

Comment 5: The Right to Privacy extends to all phases of exercise of Freedom of Choice and to the exercise of Freedom of Decision because PARAMATMA respects The Right that HE has given to every individual and will not read or intrude into any individual’s mind, brain or intelligence.



The sayings – ‘Promises are meant to be broken’ and ‘Secrets are meant to be shared’ are clear and conclusive evidence that point to the Right of Privacy as derived from The Right.

Secret means something which is private in my own brain.

Once I have voluntarily taken it out into the public domain through a voluntary act of my own through:

  1. Speech
  2. Writing
  3. Physical Acts

Thereafter, it is foolish of me to expect someone to put that secret back into hiding.

When I violate my Right to Privacy, there is no need for someone else to keep that public item private.

Whenever I exercise my Right of Disclosure to a third party, I have willingly committed an act by way of speech or writing or through one or more physical act or actions, which exposes my secret thoughts, plans, or Decisions to the public domain.


I have given up my Right to Privacy.

I am no longer protected by The Right to Privacy.

Immediately, I open myself to attack or ridicule by the public at large.

Comment 1: When I reveal my own secrets by way of sharing verbally, in writing, or through my actions I am violating my duty to myself.

Comment 2:  The Right to Privacy enables me to keep me (mentally, psychologically, emotionally) safe from attack or ridicule by people who do not understand and may not be willing to make the effort to understand those facts and circumstances under which I took those decisions.