The Teachings

The Regulations for The Teachings

A Partial Teaching on Regulation 7

Keeping the personal ego under control is important


My ego is a creation of my mind.

Ego is a complete filter on my sight, hearing, smell, touch, speech, understanding, emotional and psychological capabilities.

My ego is the cause of harm to my Atma, my body, my psyche, and my emotions.

My ego acts as a refracting filter in front of:

  • my brain, my eyes and my ears
  • all my senses
  • my speech
  • my perceptions
  • aggressiveness
  • accommodation
  • understanding
  • deceitfulness
  • creating and projecting a false image of my persona
  • self-doubt
  • doubting everybody else
  • suspicion
  • envy and jealousy
  • hatred
  • selfishness
  • greed


I need to realize that my ego prevents me from serving my own Atma.

I need to submit to my own Atma.

Ego prevents me from actually worshipping GOD through The Teacher.

I need to submit and surrender to The Teacher.

I need to prevent my ego from controlling my thoughts, my hearing, my speech, and my reactions.

I need to be forever vigilant to ensure that the ego does not take control of my emotions, psyche, reactions, speech, writing, physical actions, and doing my duty.


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