The Teachings

A Partial Teaching on Saying Sorry


When a person says ‘Sorry’, he or she is actually making a statement:

‘I am surprised that you have discovered this attempt to make a fool of you. If you accept this meaningless expression of sorry, and do not impose the consequences of my actions on me, then next time at the earliest opportunity I will make a bigger fool out of you and make you regret that you let me off.’

Comment 1:  Saying ‘sorry’ is an attempt to escape my responsibility.

Comment 2:  I am attempting to evade the consequence of my actions.

Comment 3:  I am trying to deny the fact that I have exercised my THREE Freedoms.

Comment 4: ‘Sorry’ is an emotional response.

Comment 5: Saying sorry is a promise to myself to harm you next time if you let me go without consequences.


 Elements of Sorry

Qn.   What are the elements of saying sorry?

Ans. It is an exclamation akin to surprise.

  1. It is a refusal to:
    1. Accept responsibility for the attempt to be-fool the other person.
    2. It is an attempt to evade the consequences of his or her actions.
  2. A sorry is a promise, a commitment that a person makes to himself or herself to make a bigger fool of the target person in the near future.
  3. A sorry is an act of revenge for the failure of that person’s plan.
  4. A sorry is usually accompanied by long and involved attempts of explanations to confuse the issue.


I am saying, “Hey, I’m feeling really bad that you discovered that I was attempting to make a fool of you because that is what I think you are and given the chance, I will do it again.”

The word “sorry” is abused, overworked and distorted.

It is an empty meaningless word, used to avoid making an apology and facing the consequences of my actions.

Sorry is indeed a ‘sorry’ word to use. It has no value; neither to the user nor to the recipient.

Avoid using the word sorry.

It is better not to place yourself in a situation where you may have to regret your actions.



When I have committed a crime (hurt) another, then I must offer my free, unconditional apology and be ready to bear or suffer the consequences that may be imposed by the other party or GOD.