The DIVINE Teachings

The DIVINE Rules

The FOUR Rules of Life

  1. I am Responsible.
  2. I am Positive.
  3. I am Self-Enabled.
  4. I am Dynamic.


  1. I am Responsible:
  2. I am Positive:
    1. In thinking
    2. In planning
    3. In decision making process
    4. In action
  3. I am Self-Enabled:
    1. In thinking
    2. In planning
    3. In decision making process
    4. In action
  4. I am Dynamic:
    1. In thinking
    2. In planning
    3. In decision making process
    4. In action

When I achieve all this:

  1. I am responsible.
  2. When I become responsible, it indicates that I have taken ownership of The FOUR Rules of Life.
  3. Once I make these my own I can live in them.
  4. When I live in The FOUR Rules I use them daily in every moment.
  5. I enjoy the consequences in the form of benefits in my life.
  6. I will be able to use most of my opportunities that GOD sends my way.

Comment: The title of this Rule tells us that there are four unique rules laid down which when adopted by me and made my own will enable me to live my life according to the way I want.

A Question

Qn.   Is there is a uniform method using which ‘someone’ can conduct himself or herself through life successfully?

Ans.  Yes, The FOUR Rules of Life as enunciated by PARAMATMA enable each and every person to live his or her life successfully.


The FOUR Rules of Life are individually and collectively scientific in construction and application.

The first rule is “I am Responsible.”

What does this mean?

It means that I am responsible for everything that happens in my life.

It means that I cannot blame others for what happens to me.

When I make a decision and the consequences are good the credit is mine, for life.

If the consequences are not good, I have to live with them for the rest of my life.

This rule applies without question to all instances and events in my life.

It means that on some level, whether consciously or subconsciously, I have brought about the conditions in my life, the events I have experienced, the situation I find myself in at any given moment in time.

This is hard to swallow for I am accustomed to seeing myself, as the “victim,” of circumstances, or other people.


My Decisions

I create my own reality.

I think and plan, make my decisions, take action, therefore, must live with the consequences of my actions.

When making my decisions I tend to gloss over the likely bad consequences.

When the consequences strike me in the face at some unspecified time in the future, I am prompt to blame anybody and everybody, starting with GOD; because the connection between the decision, action, and consequence will never be obvious nor identifiable by me.

However, to blame anyone else for my  condition is neither helpful nor responsible on my part.

I still struggle at times to see this with clarity when an oncoming vehicle hits me or my best friend betrays me, but accept it I must, if I am to walk in the Way of GOD.

Somehow, in accepting it, I regain my self-respect, my will power.

I am the one in control of my life, no one else.

The second Rule of Life is “I am Positive.”

Stating something in the positive has a profound effect on your body, your mind, your will, and your lives in general.

I WILL get rid of this pain in my back.

I WILL stick to this eating plan.

I WILL find the money for that trip.

I WILL pay off my debts.

This is a set of decisions, which prompt positive actions to take, and the consequences are profound, not only for yourself but also for the people in your lives who see you in a new light of positive energy.

If you wish to be a good example for others to follow, you can do no better than to think positively about everything.




When I ask The Teacher ‘how are you?’,  His response is always OTOTW = On Top of the World!

Life is wonderful!

On Top Of The World!

It is the only way to be with GOD.

It makes life so much easier in so many ways.

No more doom and gloom.

No more pitying yourself.

No more feeling depressed about your present or your future.

No more resistance.

No more saying, “I cannot do that.”

Do you want to do it?

Then make the decision to be positive, take the actions arising from that decision, and live with the consequences.