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A Partial Teaching on The Most Important Decision of My Life




On many an occasion I have been asked to explain why people born to the same parents often follow different life paths at wide variation to their other siblings.

Society has over the passage of time convinced itself that there must be some sort of destiny which dictates how one individual will live his life as compared to another.

The question which then emerges is would GOD discriminate between one person or another?

Ans.  GOD does not discriminate between one Atma and another, hence there is nothing known as destiny.

Qn. What has been the most important decision of My Life that I have made?

Ans. The most important decision of My Life has been made within the first 96 hours from the Moment of Entry in to the physical birth.

Sequence of Events

  1. Atma and PARAMATMA finish their conversation.
  2. The Atma is placed in the body given to it for Janam.
  3. When the Atma is given a body it is in the form of a foetus growing inside the womb of the mother.
  4. Atma becomes aware of body+mind given to him or her.
  5. Atma creates filaments of control and directs each filament to a different cell of the given body.
  6. The Atma takes control of the given body+mind.
  7. The period spent in the womb of the mother before entry of the being into Janam.
  8. Physical birth of the Atma in his or her body+mind.
  9. Passage through life in society.
  10. Arrival of The Messenger and tap on the right shoulder.
  11. Exit of the Atma from the given body+mind on completion of the breaths allotted for that Janam.
  12. Atma brought before The Chief Judge for accounting of the deeds and doings in the Janam just completed.
  13. Chief Judge announces the Transitions to be earned by the Atma to cleanse itself and earn the next opportunity.
  14. Atma transits through the allotted Joonis.
  15. Atma earns the right for the next opportunity to enter into Janam with a new body+mind and work for Salvation.
  16. Atma is brought before PARAMATMA on completion of allotted Joonis.
  17. PARAMATMA and the Atma have a long conversation.



When GOD places the Atma in the body of the foetus growing in the womb of the mother all three that is the Atma, the forming and growing body and brain live in and enjoy a retreat from all the problems and pain of life in society or transits through Joonis.

This attempts to describe the situation in which the being lives before birth:

1. No responsibility.

2. Safe Environment.

3. Secure Environment

4. No disturbance.

5. No interference.

6. Calm ambiance.

7. Ample food / Automatic nourishment by the mother.

8. No stress.

9. No responsibility.

10. No duty.

11. Enjoyment.

12. Pure Living.

13. No variation in temperature.

14. Disease free living / Healthy living.

15. No breathing required; oxygen is supplied through mother’s blood.

16. No atmospheric pollution.

17. Playing all the time.

18. No need of clothes, no shame.

19. No noise or light pollution.

20. No tension.

21. Nobody to please.

22. Mother’s voice soothes.

23. Enjoys the heartbeat of the Mother beating constantly, steadily (dhum, dhum, dhum).

24. Enjoys the sounds of the movement of blood through blood vessels of the Mother.

25. Enjoys the music of the messages passing (zing, zing, zing) through the nervous system of the Mother.

26. Enjoys the sounds of food being digested and traveling through the digestive/intestinal system of the Mother.

27. Enjoys the melody of breathing through the nose, mouth and lungs of the Mother.

All these sounds are a harmony of musical sounds (symphony orchestra provided by Mother) which is very soothing and calming. Dancing and playing to the tunes the little Being is in a state of bliss living in heaven. The little person is living in Heaven/ Swarg/ Jannat.

Every Atma thus passes through Heaven after every period of Joonis and before entering in Janam.

I am in a cave, warm, cozy, surrounded by fluid. I do not need food, air, or water. I do not need to worry about the waste products of my body. I can swim, float, and sleep in any position or posture. I can play. I can listen. I am totally secure. No pollution. No noise. No bright lights. I can open my eyes or keep them closed; it does not matter. I hear music . . . wonderful instruments. I hear wood instruments. I hear the passing of fluids. I hear the strings. I hear a soft loving voice talking to me. I hear another slightly lower gruffer voice also talking. All I receive is love. I am in Paradise.

Note – In the womb of the mother, the little person actually tests its limbs one by one. The little person’s Atma makes plans to carry out the Life Task given to it by PARAMATMA as soon as it comes out of the womb by using the body given to it. The only thing that the Atma knows at that point of time is the  Life Task. It is only concerned with the Life Task.


Process of Exit

  1. The little person is living in a supporting bag of fluid.
  2. Suddenly the bag bursts and fluid is drained out.
  3. The little person gets shocked. Immediately due to friction and rise in temperature, heat will be produced and the little person will be in discomfort.
  4. Discomfort will be lead to uneasiness. Questions and doubts will come to mind.
  5. Mother’s body starts the process of eviction of the little person’s body through a narrow channel.
  6. The little person feels rejected. Feels the fear of the unknown.
  7. The process of eviction involves manipulation of the mother’s muscles and compression.
  8. The child’s skull is compressed to a narrow rectangular shape to make it pass through the passage between the pelvic bones of mother.
  9. This process may take between 2 to 24 hours to complete. This is long and strenuous for mother as well as the little person.
  10. The little person feels tortured, rejected and depressed.
  11. By the time child is out, both are exhausted.
  12. The little person wants to stay inside but mother wants to evict the baby out.
  13. The child experiences rough people handling her outside the mother’s body and suffers a huge thermal shock.
  14. Then umbilical cord is cut and the opening is sealed with hot or cold burn (cauterizing).
  15. The little person experiences extreme cold, pain, heat and terror.
  16. Then the body is wrapped in tight clothes.
  17. Then the blockages in the eye, ear and nose of the little person are cleared.
  18. The child is held upside down and hit on his or her buttocks and made to cry.
  19. All this is done to make the little person make noise.
  20. Then the baby is tied in clothes and put in to a crib.
  21. The little person totally feels out of place and asks GOD, ‘What have YOU done to me?’

After a wonderfully long period, suddenly one day, that nurturing fluid is lost, gone, that warmth becomes heat; that softness becomes pressure; that no noise becomes screams. There is lots of chaos. I am pushed, pulled, squeezed. It is painful and disturbing. I am expelled, forced out, and to my horror, I land in a white, savage place. Cold strange people with strange hard hands are pulling and pushing me. They cut my limbs off, they scrub me, they put chemicals in my eyes, they shove fingers in my ears, and they hold me upside down and hit me. Then I am wrapped up tightly. I cannot move. I am placed in some unknown strange place.

Qn.   If today, I was to be ejected from my home forcibly and immediately outside I was kidnapped and tortured for a period. After being tortured and kept in isolation, what would I feel like today?

Or Alternative Qn

What will the above treatment be termed if given to an adult today?

Ans. I would feel like I have been kidnapped and tortured by a cruel police force. The I have faced extreme torture and brutality.

Qn.   What will be my response? Under the circumstances what kind of options, plans would I create for myself?


  1. The little person using the intelligence has been collecting the data under the Freedom of Choice of The Right given to the Atma.
  2. Up to the time when the fluid is intact, the data collected is pleasant and wonderful. For example, data collected about freedom, security, no pollution, enjoying every moment, total bliss, music et cetera.
  3. At this stage, the little person only thinks of completing his or her Life Task at the earliest and dreams of what he or she will do after completing the Life Task.
  4. The fluid bursts and goes away, process of eviction is painful, stressful, brutal, unpleasant.
  5. Now the data recording is bad, unpleasant, uncomfortable & painful.
  6. When the little person is wrapped in clothes and put in a crib alone, data recording continues.
  7. From the point of cuddling, the mother feeds the baby. New persons come, meet and data collection continues.
  8. The little person sorts the data, analyzes it.
  9. Starts the process of making deductions.
  10. The little person starts grouping the deductions to create options.
  11. The little being examines the options created, discards some and keeps three options open to herself or himself.
  12. The little person converts his or her options /makes plans.
  13. Then after evaluating the plans, I am at the cusp of making the Most Important Decision of My Life.

Qn. What are the indicators of intelligence?

Ans. Intelligence is an ability to observe, collect data, to organize it into some meaningful forms, to compare data, to analyze the comparisons, to draw deductions, to group deductions logically, to formulate sets of alternatives and plans, to analyze the plans available, and to make a rational decision on analyzed options available. Let us look at a little person to see if he or she has intelligence or not. A little one is born with senses: feeling, smelling, tasting, hearing, closeness, seeing. He or she can use her senses to collect data. Now, the little person has gone through experiences. They have been fed into his or her brain and she has to organize the data, group it, analyze it, and so on. During this process, more data is constantly coming in, so it keeps on modifying. In time, the little person makes certain deductions, groups them, and formulates plans.


The Most Important Decision of My Life

Qn.   How much time would data collection, thinking and making tentative plans take?

Ans. The process of data collection, deductions, grouping, options, evaluation and planning takes between 24 hours to 96 hours..

The Most Important Decision of My Life has been made within first 96 hours of my physical birth.

The little person would have made three plans:

  1. To Reject the society. To ignore. To live in isolation. Withdrawal.
  2. To Revenge myself on society for all the torture I have been put under.
  3. To Adapt. I have to do My Life Task. I will adapt and carry out my Life Task. Acceptance/Adaptation/Adjustment.


Qn. What are the percentage (approximate) figures for the world population as a whole for the three different choices that could have been made for the past millennia?


  1. Withdrawal.  Approximately 1% of the population exercise the first option i.e. to ignore society and live in isolation.

Note – At its extreme limit, this is exercised in the form of Autism down to lesser manifestations of the same.

2. Revenge. Approximately 9% of the world’s population have made this decision to seek revenge which exhibits itself in social behavior exhibited by – Criminals, and persons in Law enforcement – (Military, Paramilitary, Police, Lawyers, et cetera).

  1. Adapt/Adjust/Accept.  90% of the population would have made the decision to adapt, to adjust. To carry out the Life Task.


Characteristics or Properties of Most Important Decision of My Life

  1. It should/ must/ will affect the whole life.
  2. Only I can make it for my own life.
  3. It has to be a matter of choice.
  4. Multiple options must be available.
  5. For my life, it should be a matter of my choice.
  6. It has to be a singular decision.
  7. Every individual has to make the Decision for himself or herself.
  8. It should be a unique decision; one of its kind.
  9. It is non-negotiable and non-editable once made and acted upon.

Comment: Our society is a result of the decisions made by little persons.

Comment: The little person will go one of three ways:

  1. To Ignore: I will ignore the bad behaviour and just withdraw and do my own thing. (Withdraws from society and is labeled autistic).
  2. To Revenge: Okay, if this is how it is going to be, then I will take my revenge when I can. (Seeks revenge on society, becomes angry—criminal, etc).
  1. To Adapt: I don’t want anything to do with this. I have a life Task to perform for GOD to enable my Soul to move towards Salvation, therefore, I will just get on with life. (Adapts and gets on with life in society—waiting for an opportunity to find someone to show the Way/Path of Life.)

Once that Decision has been made, the individual has to live with the Consequences of that Decision/Act for the rest of her/his Life.

Since this one single Choice, Decision, and Action will dictate the complete course of my life, it is known and labeled as ”The Most Important Decision of My Life.”

Fallout of the decision:

  1. Nurturing ends. “I don’t want this nonsense!” The little person will go one of three ways:
  2. “I’ll ignore the bad behaviour and just withdraw and do my own thing.” (becomes autistic)
  3. “Okay, if this is how it is going to be, then I will take my revenge when I can.” (becomes angry)
  4. “I don’t want anything to do with this. I’ll just get on with life.” (becomes accepting)
  5. Life starts from this point. All thoughts of paradise are knocked out by this one experience/decision.

People who decide to adapt are tossed about by society and never take revenge. e.g.: Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela. They use the strategy of “turn the other cheek.” It is a good strategy for a weak nation or person to make the strong side feel disgusted with themselves.

There may be many nuances to this decision. There can be combinations of the three choices as well, such as 20% revenge/80% adapt, for instance. Modifications may be made depending on life, environment, climate changes, and so on.

It is a fact that out of the revenge decision-makers, quite a percentage do not get any opportunity to act on it so they pass through life without doing anything other than being angry, raving, and ranting at injustice in some form or another.