The Teachings

A Partial Teaching on Earning Blessings by People with Disabilities


Blessings are given by GOD and earned by each individual through his or her positive effort amounting to an Act of Commission.

Qn. How does a person with a speech impediment who cannot vocalize blessings earn his or her one billion blessings?

Ans. A person may earn blessings by touching the feet of:

  1. The Teacher in Incarnation.
  2. His or her mother.
  3. His or her father.

Touching the feet three times, rising to the same position from where you started between each touch, will count as an exchange of three blessings, thus earning a credit of 100,000 blessings from GOD.

This Teaching has been forgotten, however, there are many instances of customary behaviour which indicate an unwilling continuation of this in different modified forms of actions as customs and rituals mostly by otherwise healthy and physically fit persons. They carry out some sort of rituals without knowing why they are carrying out those acts. This Teaching is for the primary benefit of persons with disabilities. This procedure may be adopted by anybody to earn his or her Blessings.