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A Partial Teaching on The Rule of THREE Blessings

“When two or more people meet and exchange three Blessings, one Ashirwad at a time, then at the end of the third transaction, each of the participants who took part three times shall earn one hundred thousand Blessings [(100,000)(one lakh)] for his or her Atma”


Definition of Blessing

A Blessing is a benefit given by PARAMATMA.

Every Ashirwad is from GOD directly.

No one in the physical universe can create, bestow, or give a Blessing.

An Ashirwad has to be exchanged with someone to be earned.

Also known as Ashirwad or Aasees.


A: Good Morning
‘Here is a Blessing for you to make your morning good.’

B: Good Morning or Thank You et cetera.

Comment: The response has to be vocal, positive and audible.

A: May GOD Bless You!

B: You too / Thank you / May GOD Bless you!

A: Be Happy

‘Here is a Blessing for you to be happy.’

B: Thank you / Same to you / Be Happy.

Comment 1: When A offered the first Blessing, he or she earned one Blessing for his or her own Atma.

Comment 2: When B responds for the first time, he or she earned one Blessing for his or her own Atma and created another opportunity / right to earn another Blessing.

Comment 3: When A offered the second Blessing, he or she earned the second Ashirwad for his or her Atma and created the third opportunity / right for the other respondent.

Comment 4: When B respondent for the second time, she or he earned the second Blessing for her or his Atma and created the third opportunity / right for the first person.

Comment 5: Now when A makes use of the third opportunity, he or she invokes the Rule of Three Blessings in his or her favor and earns one hundred thousand Blessings for his or her own Atma.

Comment 6: When B or any of the others present responds to the third offer in a vocal, positive and audible manner, each of them will invoke The Rule in his or her own favor and will thus earn one hundred thousand Ashirwad each for his or her own Atma.



  1. The Rule and its application is very simple and clear.
  2. There is no restriction on anybody for initiating the offer.
  3. A little person can also initiate this offer and response. Thus, go on for her or his one hundred thousand Ashirwads.
  4. However, society does not accept every person to be at par with every other person although each Atma is at par to every other Soul.
  5. Therefore, every person, irrespective of age, rank or position can initiate the action of earning his or her Ashirwad with a good morning / afternoon / evening and carry out the three steps to earn his or her one hundred thousand Blessings.


You may have noticed that I start every interaction when speaking or writing to ‘someone’ with a ‘Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening’ as appropriate.

Therefore, I am in effect offering you an opportunity to earn a Blessing.

As soon as I offer you the opportunity, I earn one Blessing for my own Atma.

The full form of ‘Good Morning’ is: ‘Here is a Blessing for you to make your morning good for yourself.’

Comment: From The FOUR Rules of Life it is clear that the Responsibility to make my morning good is mine alone. The offer simply reminds me of my Responsibility to myself.

I am making use of the opportunity of meeting you or writing to you to earn a blessing for myself by offering you a Blessing.

This earns me one Blessing for my Atma.

When you decide to earn a Blessing for your own Atma, you may respond in the same manner.

When the person in front responds, while speaking/reading and writing, then it creates an opportunity to offer / exchange the next Blessing.

Both parties involved in the transaction get another opportunity to convey second Blessing: ‘May GOD Bless you.’

And when the person with whom one is exchanging Blessings responds to the second one, then one gets an opportunity to earn the third Blessing: ‘Have a Nice Day’.

We exchange these Blessings to remind each other that the Joonis are just around the corner, so get on with this Janam.

For example, ‘Have Fun’ means exactly that.

I must look at myself and enjoy whatever I am doing and laugh at my own silly behaviours.

It is a Blessing, an opportunity and a reminder.

I have to be intelligent in my replies to the exchange of blessings.

The operative word and action is EXCHANGE.

Your reply only needs to be vocal, positive and audible.

Each word is chosen and placed in a particular context to convey a whole world of meaning.

Each word and phrase must be studied, its meaning and applications learnt in context; thereafter it is to be made a part of one’s life in all its daily choreography.

Qn. How can I distribute the 100 crore Ashirwad given to me by GOD?

Ans. I need to exchange three blessings with every person that I meet or interact with every day.

I can start with my family members with a ‘Good Morning’.

I need every member of my family to respond to each Blessing that I offer in a positive vocal and audible manner.

Thus, I will earn 100000 blessings via each member.

I can carry out the same process with my colleagues, friends, clients, and other casual meetings with strangers et cetera.

It does not matter if a particular person does not respond.

The act of offering the first blessing is enough to earn one Ashirwad for your Atma.

Each additional response earns you the second blessing.

Should the person respond for the second time, you are then enabled to offer the third Blessing you will invoke the Rule for your own Atma and thus earn one hundred thousand Blessings via that respondent.

You will thus be able to easily earn your one billion Blessings.

When you continue this process further you can easily earn another billion or more Blessings for your own Atma and so on till your last breath.