The Teachings


The LAW of Limits

“You May Approach The End But Not Touch”




Every individual thinks that he or she is perfect, however, that is a self deluding dream at best. Life is a set of layers, which allow an individual to function in small pockets of self importance. You face uncertainty and chaos at every step. Mathematics or its study supposedly tells you that you will or may find a solution of certainty in or through mathematics. An individual is motivated and trained to work to achieve social acceptance and importance. Such an individual feels that acquisition of material elements is the ultimate achievement or goal of this life.

However, mathematics itself has recognised that in real life when you halve the distance or gap between two elements in each succeeding transaction you will eventually come face to face with The LAW of Limits wherein you may keep approaching the end but will never be able to touch it.

This creates situations where you may feel that you are not able to cope with life, when he or she realises that there is more to life than just material items or achievements.

Comment 1: You are free to work as much and for as long as you wish to work towards achieving perfection.

Comment 2: You may approach the limit or end but will never arrive there.

the LAW of Limits has also been described or stated in some of the ways shown below:

“You may approach the end but not arrive”

Also Stated As: “You may work towards achieving perfection.”

Also Stated As: “Nobody is perfect.”

And: “Practice makes for near perfect.”