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The LAW of Happiness


A Partial Teaching on an Example of Radiating Happiness



Qn.   Can I make ‘someone’ happy?

Ans.  Yes, I can.

Qn.   How?

Ans.  By radiating happiness.

Qn.   How will I radiate happiness


when will I radiate happiness?

Ans.  When I am happy, I radiate happiness.



Observe a little person a few weeks after birth.

Once the baby has had milk, cleared her system of urine and stools, has had a massage, bath, sleep and is placed in her cot, you observe that she lifts her legs and arms, plays with her toes and fingers while being completely oblivious to her surroundings.

At that time, she has no demands, no complaints nor does she need anything from anybody.

That little baby is the embodiment of Minimum Reality; she is thrilled to be Alive.

The little person is Happy!

Now, let us observe and pay attention to the people around this little happy baby.

We know that there will be a large number of visitors from within and without the family especially of family elders who will come to visit bringing blessings and gifts for the baby and mother.

Many of such family elders may not have spoken civilly to each other for several years.

There would perhaps be a few who have got permanent frowns on their faces, and are known to be grouches.

After some time, sitting in the company of this happy child, say five, ten, fifteen or twenty minutes you will observe that their body rigidity starts becoming relaxed, their frowns start melting away and they start with tentative smiles in the direction of the little baby.

Soon, a stage will arrive when these grouchy old people will turn towards their neighbor and start talking pleasantly, may even become cheerful and the conversation becomes pleasant.

A close family observer may wonder at that moment as to what is the magic behind this transformation.

The little baby is happy in herself and just like a radiant sun is radiating Happiness all around him or her.

Just like you feel warm when the sun rays fall on your body, these people start becoming warm as the little baby starts radiating Happiness around him or her.

Their backs straighten up, their faces lighten up, their minds unfreeze and they start feeling happy internally without knowing or understanding the cause or the reason of their Happiness.

That little baby is radiator of Happiness.

That is why a mother is happy in the company of her little baby when she is feeding, bathing or dressing her little baby.


Become a radiator of Happiness just like a little baby.

Refer to A Partial Teaching on the Working Definition of Happiness and The Continuum of Life.

GOD states The LAW of Happiness:

“H = R – E”

where H = your Happiness

R = your Reality

and E = your Expectations.