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The LAW of Happiness


A Partial Teaching on The Question – ‘Can I Make Anyone Happy?’


Qn.   What is the population of ‘anyone’?

Ans. It is a global population which includes ‘someone’ + ‘I’.

Qn. What is the difference between ‘someone’ and ‘anyone’?

Ans. The population of ‘someone’ is third party, all external that is people outside myself.

The population of ‘anyone’ includes me as well.

Since I have lived with myself from birth, I know myself in totality.

Qn. Can I make ‘anyone’ happy?


Do I know ‘anyone’?

Ans. Yes, I know myself in totality, therefore, I am the only one who can make myself happy and keep myself happy.

Refer to A Partial Teaching on the Working Definition of Happiness and The Continuum of Life.

GOD states The LAW of Happiness:

“H = R – E”

where H = your Happiness

R = your Reality

and E = your Expectations.


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