The Teachings

Articles of The COVENANT of The Last Few Words

Article 4

“When you complete your Task, I will confirm your reward”


When an Atma resident in a given body+mind carries out The Task, PARAMATMA confirms the Reward.

Every Atma has been given a unique TASK at the time of the Act of Creation.
The TASK is further sub-divided into five small individual manageable Tasks.

Every TASK is unique.
Within each TASK, the five individual Tasks are unique for each Atma.

For each Task, GOD would spell out the reward during the conversation with that Atma before being given the body+mind for that Janam.

When I remember GOD by repeating the Name – OMNMNKAAAR by way of Japp (continuous repetition) or by way of Dhyaan (meditation through the Name – OMNMNKAAAR), I store small incremental amounts of energy generated by those sound waves in a virtual tube (communication pipe) between GOD and I.

When that pipe is full, one more remembrance / repetition / simran of OMNMNKAAAR will open the channel between the intelligence of the body+mind and GOD.

When the intelligence appears before GOD and requests for the Task of his or her Atma,
GOD is ready: “Your Task is ……”
The intelligence then comes back to his or her body and carries out The Task.

When carrying out The Task, certain conditions must be met:

  1. The person (body+mind given to that Atma) must be aware with his or her intelligence that this is the specific Task of his or her Atma.
  2. The person should plan and consciously decide to carry out The Task.
  3. The person must plan and decide the place, the time and the method of carrying out The Task.
  4. The individual carries out The Task with the intention of completing the Task on behalf of his or her Atma.
  5. GOD manifests before that Soul to confirm the acceptance of The Task duly carried out.
  6. PARAMATMA will confirm the reward specified for that Task.
  7. Confirmation of carrying out the Task is also sent to and recorded in the ledger maintained at The Court of The Chief Judge.

Comment: When the Task is completed, GOD manifests (reveals to the Atma) and lets the Atma know that the Task has been accepted.

Once an individual has used the communication channel to talk to GOD, that channel is emptied out.
Should you wish to talk to GOD again, you will have to fill that channel once more.
Once it is filled, your intelligence will appear before PARAMATMA again and you may present your question.

Remember the Principle is:

‘One appearance before PARAMATMA, One question.’

There is never any chance that a body+mind, which has been made aware of the Task of its Atma is unable to carry out the given Task in the remaining time of its Janam.

Every Atma that has carried out The TASK (Five small Tasks), has been merged with GOD thus attaining Salvation / Mukti / Moksha.

Each Task is do-able and must be carried out.


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