The Teachings

Articles of The COVENANT of The Last Few Words

Article 12

“The one who shall do everything as a duty towards me shall also be dear to me”


This Article states that the individual who will simply perform everything as a duty towards GOD will also be dear to GOD.

Duty = Love = Blessing = Benefit.

Act is defined as a Duty to do something.

The LAW of The TENTH Part lays down that everything is a duty and as the first Right Holder, the first duty is always towards GOD.

As I perform each duty, I will receive the benefits associated with the doing of that duty.

GOD has a plethora of benefits earmarked for each individual.

Every time I perform a duty, I receive the benefits associated with that duty.

Duty is a component of the contract between GOD and the Atma in Janam.

The Atma must take control over the physical body + mind in order to carry out the Task.

The duty of the body+mind is to Submit to the Atma at all times.

The being(body+mind) has a duty to do everything necessary to enable the Atma to carry out the Task.

The duty towards GOD consists of every single aspect of an Atma’s passage through Janam in the physical body given to the Atma.

GOD has laid down many duties for the individual under different LAWS, Rules and The Principle of Life and also in The Articles.

The GIFT demands that each individual protects the environment and does not abuse his or her Right.


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