The Teachings

Articles of The COVENANT of The Last Few Words

Article 11

“The one who shall love and obey my son, The Teacher, shall receive my love”


This Article simply states that an individual who wishes to receive love from GOD has to love and obey The Teacher.

Qn.  Why does GOD make this a condition to receive love?

Ans. Simply to ensure that everyone understands that when you need, want or desire something from GOD, you have to go through The Teacher when Incarnate in a human body or through The Teachings given by Him.

This is an enabling condition for a human being to find a simple path to fulfill his or her need to honour the Grant given to his or her Soul and carry out the Life Task of his or her Atma.

The Teacher guides you to The Path of Light through recitation of OMNMNKAAAR and through The Teachings.

When you love and obey The Teacher, you will receive love from GOD.

In Article 7 PARAMATMA says, “When you obey my LAWS, Rules and The Principles of Life you will benefit.”

Here, in Article 11 the benefit specified is to receive love from GOD.

Submit and Surrender have been defined and specified in terms of love and obey.
Submit and Surrender can only be done by an individual by reducing or removing his or her ego.
Worship is defined as Submit and Surrender through The Teacher.

To love The Teacher is purely a voluntary activity.
To obey The Teacher is a purely a voluntary activity.

However, an Atma in Janam with one or more Grants from PARAMATMA is Duty bound to love and obey The Teacher because it is only through His guidance and direction that the given Grants can be honoured.



An example to illustrate this is a child at his or her mother’s breast.

When the child suckles, he or she receives the benefit of mother’s milk.

Both child and mother receive pleasure and are satisfied.

However, if the child does not suckle, then neither can the child drink the milk nor can the mother give the milk to her child.

The child receives sustenance and grows by drinking milk from the mother.

The mother gets satisfaction of feeding her child and her love grows.

Therefore, every time I love and obey The Teacher, I grow from the love received in the form of blessings.

Every time GOD observes that you love and obey The Teacher, GOD showers multiple blessings on your head as love in the form of benefits.

Thus, the more you love and obey The Teacher, the more love, blessings and benefits you will receive from GOD.

GOD has a plethora of benefits earmarked for each individual.

Every time I do something with love and obedience towards The Teacher, I will receive love directly from GOD.